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Love's Medicine by Ashley John ~ ARC Review

Love's Medicine by Ashley John ~ ARC Review

Book Information:
Author: Ashley John
Title: Love's Medicine
Series: Surf Bay
Release Date: March 1st


Justin White didn't expect to fall in love with his best friend, Sammie Cooper, but he couldn't stop himself. Since their teen years, they've been inseparable, but as each year passes, it becomes harder and harder for shy Justin to confess his true feelings to his charismatic and promiscuous best friend. Keeping secrets has become second nature to Justin, as his love for Sammie isn't the only thing he's concealing from the world. In the shadows of his home, his mother is slowly dying, and despite stealing painkillers from the hospital, there's nothing he can do to save her.

Sammie Cooper never thought his casual and sexual relationship with his boss at the nightclub would ever turn into anything serious, but when Finley offers him a briefcase stuffed with money to follow him to England, he doesn't know if he can resist the lure of the cold, hard cash. Sammie is faced with a decision that he never thought he'd have to make, and things only get more complicated when he makes a shocking discovery about Justin's life.

Can Justin start telling the truth to keep hold of the only man he'll ever love? Can Sammie turn down life changing money to risk it all on the unknown?

One is scared of love and the other is scared of commitment. Justin and Sammie thought they could make it through anything together, but their crumbling lives threaten to rip them apart. Both are faced with difficult decisions, but will they make the right ones?

Love's Medicine is the 4th book in the BEST SELLING Surf Bay series! Can be read as a COMPLETE standalone.
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Tracy's Review:

5 Stars

*This book was provided to me by the author in exchange for an honest review*

If there is one thing I know I am going to get when I open one of Ashley's book's its Angst. He keeps you captivated, turning the pages, chewing antacids, and sitting on the edge of your seat, biting your nails. Love's Medicine was no exception.

Justin, a nurse at a local hospital has secrets. Plenty of them. He's in love with his best friend Sammie, and has been since they were 15. It's getting harder and harder for Justin to be around Sammie. He used to think he could make it just being friends. Having Sammie as a friend was better than not having Sammie at all, right? Faced with his mothers impending death, and the prospect of being left behind while Sammie takes off to England with his sleazy boss, will Justin tell Sammie how he really feels to try and keep him in Surf Bay?

Sammie and Justin have always been inseparable, but lately Sammie feels like he is losing Justin. Like Justin is pulling away. He has been acting strange, and Sammie doesn't know why. Sammie has been carrying on a casual affair with his boss for a while, but things have become more complicated lately. Finley has tried to change the rules of their relationship, and Sammie isn't sure what to make of it. When Finley offers Justin a briefcase full of cash to move to England with him, Sammie is tempted. But can he leave Justin?

Everyone has choices to make in life, will these two men choose love and commitment?

First... WOW, just WOW! Every time I read one of Ashley's books, I think it can't get any better, then he goes and writes his next story and I am proven wrong. I actually think of all 4 of the Surf Bay couples, Sammie and Justin were my favorite. Micheal("Saving Micheal") touched me in a way no other character in this series has. But when Justin let loose and he just let himself be free without the worries of being in love, his mother or being caught stealing painkillers, well Sammie and Justin had an amazing chemistry. Their relationship felt natural and easy when you removed all the background noise.

This book was anything but easy though. It takes you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. I loved Justin and felt so bad for him. I wanted to hug him and make it all better. To be faced with such hardships at such a young age. The prospect of being alone or even ending up in prison, just because you are trying desperately to keep you mother, who you love dearly from suffering, when health care has failed you is so sad.

Sammie, well I had a love hate relationship with Sammie. I loved his disposition and the lightness and fun he brought to the book, but at the same time I wanted to smack him and tell him to wake up and see what was right in front of his face.
Money isn't everything, and it may make things easier, but is it worth the cost of your freedom, and your best friend, the one person you love more than anyone or anything in the world?

This book draws you in and keeps you dangerously perched on the edge of your seat. It is well written and moved at a good pace. Although I loathed Dr. Feelgood and Finley, Astrid, Sammie's roommate was an awesome secondary character. She brought a much needed humor to the story, and she tried to push Sammie to make the right choice, love.

It amazes me what this young man can do with his imagination and a laptop, and now I am just going to sit back and wait for the next epic adventure from Ashley to come my way!
If you haven't #OneClicked this series, get your mouse moving, because you are missing out on a great series! 

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About Ashley:
Ashley John lives in the North of England with his fiancé Reece, and his cat Jeremy. Ashley is a lover of love and a lover of life, and that's why he writes Romance novels. He's a sucker for gripping love story. His characters are fighters, strong and complex, and they'll do anything to get the happy endings they deserve (and there are usually a lot of tears and heartache along the way!). Ashley is best known for his best selling George & Harvey series and The Surf Bay Series. When Ashley isn't writing, he uses his creativity to paint and draw, and when he's not being creative, he's usually taking a nap.
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