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Encore Anthology ~ (Book Tour, ARC Reviews)

Encore Anthology ~ (Book Tour, ARC Reviews)


An anthology about musicals… with a twist.
Who can resist a musical?

We at Wayward Ink certainly can’t!
Boys and Girls, go don your tux. Slink into your gown. Strap on your heels. Dust off that tiara and wrap yourselves in a feather boa!
Come celebrate the extravaganza with us!
Waltz through ten short stories inspired by some of the world’s most popular musicals.

Encore paperback

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Stories Included

What’s Up Pussycat?
Louise Lyons

Heartbroken Finley fears he’ll never recover from the loss of his lover, Andrew, who was a star of the Cats musical.

But then Finley has an idea… 

What if her were to take Andrew’s part in the musical and hopefully make his man proud?

Over The Rainbow
Lily G. Blunt

Dorian has been cast as Dorothy in his school’s production of The Wizard of Oz.

Like his character, Dorian is about to discover whether dreams really do come true

Broadway Devils
Eric Gober

A geek and his flashy rival . . .

A leading man they both love . . .

A starring role they both want . . .

All’s fair in love and Broadway.
May the best diva take it all!

Angel in the Wings
Asta Idonea

When handsome Phantom, Christopher Keane requests Marcus as his dresser, the action in the wings could be just as exciting as anything taking place on stage…

My South Pacific
Taylin Clavelli

British born Callum has given up on love.

Will he find it again among the Hawaiian reefs?

Or will there be more sharks…

Enjoy The Show
Lisa A. Adams

Dylan Rucker’s online dating adventures landed him the perfect match.

When “Mister Right” stands him up at the dinner theater, Dylan wants to crawl home defeated.

But, the night is young…

With an unexpected flirtation with the lead actor, Dylan must decide.
Hold out for his “Mister Right”?
Or, sit back and enjoy the show?

The One That I Want
R.J. Jones

“What, you don’t think Danny’s hot?”

“I prefer Kenickie. He can pin me against a wall anytime.”

A Touch of Glamour
Alina Popescu

Tudor has big plans for New York City.

Ditch his homophobic colleague. See a musical. Definitely check out the go-go boys. 

Meeting one Phantom on Grindr wasn’t in the script.

Tudor gets caught up in a whirlwind when his favorite musical character steps off the stage and into his life

A Man Who Measures Up
Cecil Wilde

When you’re in musical theater, love is just a jump to the left and a step to the right.

A Night at the Opera
Vanessa Clark

Rick never cared for opera.

He thought opera singers were old, outdated, and fat.

That was until he met Giovanni, an opera singer who’s far from that!

No. Giovanni is statuesque, young, refreshing, and beautiful.
Giovanni opened Rick’s mind to a new world, and Rick’s first ever opera experience definitely wasn’t going to be his last.

But little does Giovanni realize that Rick will open his mind to a new experience too…


*This Anthology Provided to Bayou Book Junkie by the author(s)/Publisher via Eyes On Books in exchange for an honest and fair review*

What's Up Pussycat? 

5 Stars

Mari's Review:

What a delightful, heartfelt story! It made me cry and it made me smile and made me all-around happy that Fin managed to overcome his sadness after losing his partner, Andrew, and started to look at the future with optimism and hope.

I loved Fin, who was so broken at the start of the story after Andrew died in a car accident, but that with the help of family and friends and his sheer determination to participate in the musical Andrew had been in, finally allowed himself to get past his depression and start living again.

Karl was lovely, too. Same as James and Andrew’s mom, Carol, they were all great secondary characters, very supportive of Fin. I have a soft spot for Karl, though, since it was kind of obvious he had a crush on Finley, and while he didn’t handle things all that well at first. He did his best to make things right with Fin and become his friend and perhaps in the future something more. 

Over the Rainbow

4 stars

Mari's Review:

Dorian is one of the new teachers in an all-boys school and has been crushing on Mark Leonard, who is his mentor and superior. Mark is everything Dorian has ever dreamed his perfect man would be. There’s one problem, though, Mark is deep in the closet and he’s not sure he wants to get out of there any time soon.

I loved both the lead characters, and some of the secondary, such as Tim and Brian and watching them through Dorian’s eyes, was awesome! The musical and them rehearsing for it was pretty neat, too!

The story is sweet and fun and I read it in a couple of hours. Really enjoyable!

Broadway Devils

5 stars

Tracy's Review:

This was hilarious. I laughed throughout most of the story. Andy, an engineering major is in love with his fellow fraternity brother, law student Flynn. Flynn is dating Rocky, another fraternity brother.

The boys enter the schools annual fraternity talent show, with a rendition of "Chicago". Will they flop or bring the house down?!

This was a great read. It was faced paced, entertaining and funny as hell. I had tears rolling down my face from laughing so hard.

This is my first read by this author, but it won't be my last! I would love to see more of these characters.

Angel in the Wings

4.5 stars

Tracy's Review:

Marcus works on the set of The Phantom of the Opera. He has a crush on the lead actor Christopher, who us straight. Or is he?

This was a really enjoyable read. The story was sweet, a little angsty, and sexy. The characters had a good chemistry and connection.

This is my first book by this author, but I will be looking at her other works!

South Pacific

4.5 Stars

Mari's Review:

Callum is heartbroken after the man he thought was the man of his dreams cheated on him. Upset, he decides to move to Hawaii because he’s been in love with the movie South Pacific since he was a little kid. There he meets Alika and Callum starts wondering if he’d be able to really give up on love for good and concentrate in his career as was his plan when he got there.

Callum is fun to read, he has that self-deprecating kind of humor that I adore. Alika is older and in a place in his life where he wants something more, but he’s oh so patient with Callum, showing him in actions that he can trust in him.

The story is lovely! I loved reading about the diving and the luaus and even the sharks, it was like being in a whole different world. A fantastic read for sure. 

The One I Want

4.5 stars

Tracy's Review:

Jason is an average accountant. He runs into Mr Wonderful every morning in the elevator on his way to work.

Paul asks Jason out on a date, but Jason has a hard time believing that Paul would really want to be with him, the average accountant.

This was a sweet, funny and spicy read. I have one thing to say, I want to go to a Grease Dance Party! Sounds like a fabulous time!

This was fun and entertaining and even though it was a short story, I didn't feel cheated. I felt satisfied when I was done.

A Man Who Measures up

4 Stars

Tracy's Review:

Jareth is new in town and has just landed the leading role in the musical, where Daimen works as a costume designer. They meet when Jareth comes in to be measured for his costume.

This was a good story, but to be honest it just wasn't all that exciting. It was cute and sweet, and even had a awe moment. The MC's were likable, and the story was well written.

A Touch of Glamour

4.5 Stars

Mari's Review:

I enjoyed this story so much! Tudor was awesome and I felt bad that he was saddled with this homophobic coworker, Radu. Thankfully, through a stroke of genius while wanting to make his roommate squirm, Tudor downloads the Grindr app and through it he meets Vincent, who is amazing.

Both Tudor and Vincent were so sweet and taken with the other in their whirlwind romance, and I would've loved for the story to go on for longer.

Enjoy The Show

4 Stars

Tracy's Review:

When Dylan supposed to meet Steven at a dinner theater featuring the production of Oklahoma. When Steven doesn't show, Dylan decides to stick around have dinner and some wine while he enjoys the show. Some harmless flirting with the lead actor doesn't hurt either.

This was a very short story that had a twist I wasn't expecting. It was well written and enjoyable.

A Night at the Opera

3.75 Stars

Mari's Review:

I don't know what I was expecting, after all the other romances, perhaps something more along those lines. This was more "lust at first sight" than anything else and I was left wanting. I didn't connect as much with the characters, mostly because they kind of went behind their best friend's back.

Other than that, it was a very short story, and despite my misgivings about the way they started whatever it was between them, it was entertaining and well written.

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