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Review: Upending Tad: Volumes 1-3 by Kora Knight

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*** Copy provided by the author to Bayou Book Junkie in exchange for a fair and honest review. ***

Wow, just wow! *fans self* One thing I can say for sure, is that Kora Knight can write erotica very, very well.

These three novelettes show us Tad’s evolution from a perhaps not quite straight guy, who hasn’t realized that there might be something that he’s not noticed about himself, to one that is realizing he might be feeling more about a man than he ever felt for anyone else in his life. Not that he’s ready to admit to it fully, at least not yet.

In Loser Takes All, Tad loses on a poker game against 3 jock hustlers, who give him the option to choose between being flogged or getting his fingers and nose broken. Having heard before that the flogging might be the lesser of two evils, he agrees to that and the jocks take him the house of the person who will administer the flogging. Unbeknownst to Tad, the jocks have stroke out a deal with Scott (the flogger), that the punishment should last until Tad comes.

Scott isn’t what I expected at all. He’s quite sweet and very layback and seems taken with Tad almost immediately, it’s obvious by the way he behaves with him, despite the circumstances.

The whole encounter was almost surreal, with Scott pushing Tad to his very limits and offering him an alternate way of getting off, rather than the one the jocks had asked for. A way, that by that point, Tad was more than happy to agree to.

I really liked the dynamics between the two and how, even during the flogging and the subsequent, ahem, events, it never felt forced. Scott always made sure that he wasn’t really hurting Tad at every moment and while it was the first time they’ve met, the chemistry between the two of them, was ever present throughout the encounter. They connected and even if Tad wasn’t ready to admit to it, well, it opened his eyes in more ways than one.

In Test of Endurance, Tad is dealing with trying to forget about Scott and failing, then finally giving in and calling Scott with the excuse of helping him with a weight lifting video for Scott’s blog.

Scott jumps at the chance of seeing Tad again, and I loved that while Tad notices some of the signs of Scott’s interest in him, he downplays them. He truly is a shy boy, and thinks Scott is out of his league.

In this Volume, we meet Max, Scott’s roommate, and a Dom and more like what I thought Scott would be at first, but in the end they couldn’t be more different.

Anyway, I loved that we get to know more of Scott’s job as a personal trainer and blogger in this volume. He’s a genuinely likable guy, mature, funny, and very into Tad. That much is obvious, at least for us readers, because Tad remains sort of oblivious, although not as much as at first.

One thing leads to another, and they end up having sex… again, and again it was just about as good as it was the first time around. Only this time Tad has to pass a test of endurance, staving off his orgasm for as long as possible, to make it as good as the first time, only without the aid of the cock ring this time.

Their chemistry is off the charts and Scott is just the stuff dreams are made of. Never mind that we got to see their growing intimacy and I was in heaven!

Volume 3 is Sideline Submission, and while I wasn’t too fond of Max and Sean, I’m very intrigued over Max’s reactions in this book. I have a theory, but I really hope I’m wrong about it.

I loved seeing Tad again all out of sorts because even after staying away for a month, he hasn’t been able to put his sessions with Scott out of his mind and on top of that, he’s realized his friends might think he’s gay or something like that, considering he’s not all that much into girls and never has been. Tad just knows that Scott rocked his world and that the connection he felt with the personal trainer was like nothing he’d felt before.

This time it’s Scott who reaches out for him, and it was lovely seeing Tad lit up when he receives his call. They end up at Scott’s place again and after a weight lifting session, they are about to head up to hang out when Max, Scott’s roommate, asks them to be active observers in a BDSM scene he’ll have with a client.

Tad is not all that convinced about this, but finally accepts, and as before, neither he nor Scott are able to fight their attraction to the other and end up having sex again, only this time, Tad seems more open to explore things with Scott than on other occasions.

Again, more than anything, even the incredibly hot sex, what I’ve loved the most about this series is the connection between Tad and Scott. I love that Scott keeps pursuing Tad, even if now he’s more waiting for him to realize what they can have. And that Tad is getting there, his mind (and his heart) more open each time they see each other. I love the trust that Tad implicitly has in that Scott won’t hurt him, and that he grows more confident with each encounter.

I’m really intrigued over what Kora Knight has in store for us on Volume 4, but if it is anything like the previous volumes, we’re definitely in for a treat!

*** Rating: 4.5 Stars ***

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