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Virtual Book Tour: Truth and Consequences by Sarah Madison (Author's Interview, Excerpt + Giveaway)

Author Name: Sarah Madison
Book Name: Truth and Consequences
Series: Sixth Sense
Book: Three
Best read as a series
Release Date: October 14, 2015
When FBI agent Jerry Lee Parker wakes from a coma after a murderous attack on his life, he has no memory of his immediate past. In the blink of an eye, he has gone from having a nearly photographic memory to recalling nothing of the last six months of his life, including his partner and lover, John Flynn. While Lee tries to reboot his past and reconnect with John, there are events at play around him he doesn’t understand. John is keeping secrets from him, secrets which could get them both killed.
Matters come to a head when Lee is hounded to turn over a mysterious artifact, of which he has no knowledge. The two men wind up in a fight for their lives as they risk everything to keep the powerful relic out of the hands of a ruthless killer. In order to protect those he loves, however, John may be forced to make a deal with the devil.
Pages or Words: 258 pages

Categories: M/M Romance, Mystery, Paranormal

I knew the moment John walked into the bar. It was like my sonar pinged, my radar lit up—you name it. I heard the door open, and without turning around, I knew it was him because the hair on the back of my neck stood up. Because something in my gut tightened, and my cock lifted in earnest. I watched him in the mirror as he scanned the room, locked in on my presence, and stalked toward me like a panther in a pen full of sheep. Everyone else in the room was aware of him as well. I practically preened when he came up beside me. He took a seat and signaled the bartender, who came over with flattering attention.

Interview with the Author:

Today we’re  very lucky to be interviewing Sarah Madison, author of Truth and Consequences, Book 3 in the Sixth Sense series.

Hi Sarah, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Tell us a little about yourself, your background, and your current book.

I’m kind of a boring person who has always lived fabulously in daydreams. Most of my stories begin as outlandish fantasies, usually with me as the star. Over time, I damp down some of the crazier elements, take myself out of the story and give all my best lines to the hero. It seems to work so far!

Truth and Consequences is book 3 in the Sixth Sense series. It features FBI Agents Jerry Lee Parker and John Flynn, and the events that occur when Flynn accidentally touches a mysterious artifact and gains unusual powers. As the Sixth Sense series unfolds, we learn there is a set of such boxes, and that Lee and John aren’t the only ones looking for them. They’re in over their head, and the water is just getting deeper…

  1. What genre is your book and what drew you to this genre?

It’s either a paranormal or a mystery—a kind of hybrid between the two. I love mysteries; they’re my favorite genre, but I also love the opportunity for fantastic world building that you get with paranormals, sci-fi and fantasy. I like stories about heroes falling in love, but I like even better heroes in love and in peril. Give me the action/adventure story with romantic interruptions any day!

  1. How many days a week do you write?

Not enough. I used to write nearly every day. These days, I struggle to find the time and energy to write—I have a fairly demanding job and am frequently on call. My goal for the year is not word counts but to commit to writing an hour per day, however many words I manage in that window of time.

  1. On average, how long does it take to write a book?
There was a time when I was writing the equivalent of a novella a month! I’m not doing that anymore, in part because of the work schedule but also because I’ve become far more critical of my work. I want each story to be better than the last, and sometime I forget you need to bang the story out first and then edit! I’d have to say it takes me about six months to write a novel, three for a novella, and one for a short story. At least, any story I’m willing to submit for publication!

  1. Do you have a trailer for your book? If yes, give us the link. If not, do you think you’d like to have one done at some point?

Oooh, not yet. I love book trailers but I think they’re mostly an indulgence on my part. I might get one done some day though!

  1. If I could be a character in a book, I would be _______?

I would be the plain but plucky sidekick that usually managed to say the right thing at the right time to allow the hero/heroine to make the connections to save the day.

Meet the author:
Sarah Madison is a veterinarian with a big dog, an even bigger horse, too many cats, and a very patient boyfriend. She is a terrible cook, and concedes that her life would be easier if Purina made People Chow. She writes because it is cheaper than therapy.

Where to find the author:

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artist: Paul Richmond

Tour Dates & Stops:
26-Oct: BFD Book Blog

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