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Mini Tour: Men In Uniform: A Wayward Ink Publishing Anthology (Reviews, Excerpt + Giveaway)

Title: Men in Uniform
Authors: Eric Gober, CJ Baty, Alina Popescu, Kassandra Lea, Asta Idonea, Eddy LeFey, Lily Velden, Jim Dunaway, Carol Pedroso, Jo Tannah
Genre:  Gay Romance, Military, Contemporary, Fantasy, Mystery, Science Fiction
Publisher: Wayward Ink Publshing


Like your boys in blue keeping the… peace?
Hot firemen dealing with… heat?
Naval Officers getting in way too… deep?
Perhaps you have a ‘thing’ for marines…
Or do you prefer your Men In Uniform to belong in the future?
Another galaxy?
Another time?
Wherever your love of a uniform leads you, MEN IN UNIFORM has something for you.
Men In Uniform Cover

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Stories Included

Issue No. 1
Come to a land…
Where epic battles rage…
Among monsters, superheroes, and a very sexy cop.
Love and war are funny business in Hollywood, U.S.A.

Steff Rogers has been posing as Captain America on the Hollywood Boulevard for a while, but when he runs into a trio of Evil Muppets attacking a tourist and he intervenes to help, only to have Cookie Monster wipe the floor with him and then find that his defeat was filmed and sold to TMZ, the only thing that can lift his spirits is the kind and hunky Officer Buck who rescues him only to have to go away before Steff manages to say little more than his name. Never mind that showing his face in the Walk of Fame after the video went viral is a no go and with the Evil Muppets on the loose, he probably wouldn't have much chance of seeing Officer Buck again, would he?

This story was sweet, fun and fast read. A delightful short that had me both laughing and awww'ing and rooting for Steff to get his man and defeat the Evil Muppets once and for all! 

Rating: 4.5 Stars!!! 

PinkertonManThe Pinkerton Man

A blackmailer forced Stiles to leave his perfect life behind.
Along the way, he found a new friend, a job as a Pinkerton Agent, and murder.
Can Stiles find the murderer before he kills again?

Stiles was living an almost perfect life. Working for Scotland Yard and engaged in a secret relationship with a Viscount, until someone started blackmailing them and the Viscount ended up killing himself. When the blackmailer outed him to his superior, it was decided Stiles would do better if he moved away and he ended up in St. Louis working as a Pinkerton Agent on the trail of a murderer, but can Stiles catch him before he strikes again? 

This was a very nice setup to what I think will be a larger series. It's set in 1895, so it was nice to see the differences in how gay men were treated in that time. My only complaint is that we didn't really get a resolution, but other that that it was a very interesting read! 

Rating: 4 Stars!!!

ProtectTheExMission: Protect the Ex
Sean never thought his military career would ever have him babysitting his ex who Sean hasn’t seen in six months.
When best friend Tom finds out his younger brother Aiden is targeted, Sean drops everything to protect the man he still loves.
Can two former lovers survive a weekend alone in the woods, or will the threat from within be more devastating than the one from outside?

The last thing military man Sean wanted to do was babysit his ex, especially after Aiden broke things up with him with little to no explanation six months before. However, when his best friend and Aiden's big brother, contacts him to say Aiden's life is in peril, he drops everything to protect the man he still loves. Things won't be easy, though, as Sean has to fight his feelings for his ex while keeping his head in the game.

This was such a delightful story! I really liked the premise and how things played out. The tension, the underlying angst of their separation were very well written and it flowed well. The characters were likable and all the explanations plausible, so I was a happy reader when I got to the end. 

Rating: 4.5 Stars!!!

SparkInTheShadowsA Spark in the Shadows
Love beckons Officer Warden Brooks to the shadows of a desolate place.
But his lover Tate Eldridge is so much more than a criminal, he’s a beautiful mystery.

Officer and werewolf Warden Brooks braves the bad part of the city to visit his lover. So what if said lover is a criminal? What he knows for sure is that Tate is a beautiful, mysterious creature he can't stay away from. 

This story was really different and well-written, I would've loved it to be longer so we'd get a glimpse into Tate and Warden living together. 

Rating: 4 Stars!!!

HHHHHis Heart Held Hostage
When his father loses the battle against Hrafnaheim, Prince Darius finds himself a political prisoner.
Taken in chains to a dark and unfamiliar land, he begins to lose hope.
But then Captain Morten Gunnarsson of the Palace Guards is assigned to watch over him.
Now it is not just Darius’ body being held hostage, but also his heart.

Prince Darius is held hostage after his father loses a battle against another king. At first, he despairs of his predicament and starts losing hope, but when the Queen takes pity on him and assigns Captain Morten Gunnarsson to his service, Prince Darius realizes what he's in danger of losing now is his heart. 

This story was one of my favorites. From the language, to the way it was written, to the emotion that poured through every word as Prince Darius and Captain Morten fell for one another, it was simply delightful! 

Rating: 5 Stars!!! 

EmperorsSlaveThe Emperor’s Slave
When the Draaduuri arrived on Earth many humans died.
Captain Timothy Kellerman’s family was among them
Now, a truce has been struck. He is the prize.
Crown Prince Yuuhaan has instantly bonded with his slave.
Can the prince keep his baser instincts in check long enough for Timothy to transform?
To become the next great hope of the Draaduuri and the human race?

Crown Prince Yuuhan has been stalking his potential mate for 3 years, knowing Captain Timothy Kellerman's DNA holds the key to saving his race. Problem is that after the Draaduuri killed Timothy's family, his trust won't be easily gained. 

This was an intriguing premise, with some action, sci-fi elements and romance that combined in an fast-paced, enjoyable read. 

Rating: 4 Stars!!!

YesYesYesYes! Yes! Yes!
Go to Portsmouth, said my friends. It’s quieter. You’ll be able to write without distraction.
They obviously hadn’t met my mysterious and elusive neighbour, Finn.…
After all, what would a Friday night be without hearing Moaner, Gusher, or Squeaker screaming out their joy at being shagged senseless by the obviously talented Finn?
Come to think of it, what would a Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday night be without it either?
Thank God for Mondays!

Writer Francis moved to Portsmouth hoping he'd be able write without distractions, what he didn't count on was his mysterious neighbor and his "nocturnal habits". After some time of hearing him night after night after night with different men, Francis grows slightly obsessed with the elusive Finn and starts stalking him to no avail. Then he meets Jamie, sweet, cute Jamie and they hit it off, but there might be some surprises in store for Francis. 

I really liked this story, up to the part where it ends with an evil cliffy. I can stand the HFN ending, but the lack of resolution is a bit of a deal breaker, especially when I don't know when/if there'll be more. 

Rating: 4 Stars

FirefighterMarineThe Firefighter and the Marine
Apartment building fires are always tragic, even if everyone makes it out alive. But what happens when a person can’t make it out on their own?
Brave firefighters must risk their lives in order to rescue trapped people.
Lieutenant Kenny Whitfield is one such firefighter. Brave and somewhat reckless. 
Lance Corporal Steve Martinson is one such person in need.
When Kenny and Steve meet face to face in the hospital, well…

Lieutenant Kenny Whitfield is the kind of firefighter that will do anything to save a person, even if it means risking his own life. After saving Lance Corporal Steve Martinson and ending up in the same room at the hospital, he and Kenny strike a friendship that slowly develops into more. 

I really enjoyed Kenny and Steve's story! They were too sweet together, I loved the romance, the slow development from friendship into something more, something bigger and more permanent. Lovely story! 

Rating: 4.5 Stars!!! 

BlueKnightBlue Knight
Franc has resigned himself to yet another year of pain and humiliation in order to complete his on ship training.
Then along comes Zyph, with his sexy blue skin and probing questions…
Will he be Franc’s Blue Knight?

Franc has been bullied and raped from the moment he joined the Starship Cassandra over a year ago. Knowing that denouncing his aggressors will do little good, he stays quiet and accepts his torment, until Ambassador Zyph realizes what's happening and takes Franc, who coincidentally is his mate, under his wing to protect him.

This was a bittersweet story, my heart broke for Franc and all he had to endure, but I'm really glad he found Zyph and that everything was resolved in a very satisfying manner. Really liked it!

Rating: 4.5 Stars!!!

RoyalGuardianThe Royal Guardian
Warrior and Dragon Seek to Destroy Those Who Had Dared Harm Their Prince.
This was one of my favorite stories! The way it was written, the fact that we got to see the past and the present and see both Lando and Kallen become strong men and see them fall in love and be so protective and loyal with one another was just amazing! I only wish there had been more, but only because I adored them and I'm greedy, not because I didn't feel the story was incomplete. 

Rating: 5 Stars!!!


The Pinkerton Man by CJ Baty
The first evening was spent getting accustomed to the layout of the Velvet Rope. It was a large facility with several exits, a number of regular rooms, a few rooms with special equipment and, of course, gentlemen for hire. The Velvet Rope spared no expense when it came to entertaining the paying clientele. The best wines and whiskeys were made available as soon as you were ushered into the parlor. It was also made known that other forms of vice were available as well, though Stiles never used the stuff. He’d seen what opium had done to other men, and he did not want that particular addiction.
One thing that did surprise him after he was offered a seat in the parlor and given his drink of choice was the photo album with which he was presented. Inside the book were pictures of all the staff available, clothed and unclothed. There were approximately twenty pictures of different young men in the album. Stiles did come across the picture of one young man who whetted his appetite.
His name was Paul, and he appeared slightly older than most of the other offerings. Dark hair, dark eyes, and very muscular. Not overly so, but nicely filled out. He also had a large cock lying semi-hard against one of his legs in the picture of him naked. Stiles was just beginning to wonder what it would look like stiff when the butler who had ushered him in opened the doors to the parlor.


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