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Mini Blog Tour: Mix 'N' Match, A Wayward Ink Publishing Anthology (Exclusive Excerpt, Book Trailer, Reviews + Giveaway)

Title: Mix ‘N’ Match
Authors: Layla Dorine, Eddy LeFey, Eric Gober, Asta Idonea, Kevin Caucher, Alina Popescu, A Lusch, Lily Velden, Kassandra Lea, Dale Cameron Lowry
Genre: Gay Romance, Interracial, LGBT
Length: Anthology/Novel-length
Publisher: Wayward Ink Publishing


The heart wants what the heart wants.
Become little more than words in the dictionary when the heart sets its sights on its desire.
Join our authors as they explore interracial themes ranging from the challenges of loving someone from another culture to fighting for the right to love at all.
Celebrate diversity with us.

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Stories Included

Sage never imagined a trip down south would lead to so many discoveries.
He also never expected to meet Eugene, who is as different from Sage as north from south.
Two young men from different backgrounds.
Can they find friendship and love while surrounded by those who consider their desires to be forbidden?

Through The Front Door
A front door could be many things:
Hope, fear, a fresh start, a cold expanse of nothingness.
What will Thomas Ng’s front door mean for Daniel Grimm?

Deceptive Histories
When Miguel falls for Van, he gets caught in the crosshairs of an angry spirit.
A spirit who cursed Van’s family long ago.
Can Miguel and Van break the curse?
Or will their lives end in ruin?

Meschianza Meetings
Philadelphia, 1778
Lieutenant Penton has two problems: dealing with society functions and hiding his passion for Isaac, a slave.
When invited to assist with preparations for the Meschianza, he sees it as a brief escape from both.
However, the night will prove to have more to offer than he ever would have dreamed possible.

A Hopeless Mirage
After hearing “no rice” enough times, Guy decided to swear off dating apps and men, only to find himself falling for his best friend’s boyfriend.

A Touch of Paradise
Hauled to work in Hawaii, Tudor has little time to enjoy the island paradise.
His obnoxious friend Radu has it much easier, using his free time to set Tudor up, dangling a willing Hawaiian beauty in front of him.
Having been burned by long-distance relationships before, Tudor stubbornly resists Kahoni’s advances.
But can Tudor be worn down enough to enjoy a touch of paradise?

A Surprising Service
It’s another frustrating chore in Nick’s day: getting the boiler serviced.
But when Prince walks through the door, it’s not just the heating that gets hot.

Sent by the Royal Flying Doctor Service to curb an outbreak of influenza in an Australian outback aboriginal community, Dr. Dan is ready for anything.
Except Tommy…
A half-caste aboriginal who feels he doesn’t belong…

Kiss of the South
The north and south have been divided by war. But love has other plans for Joseph Calder and Ephraim Pickett.

What if the man you thought you could never have was waiting for you all along?

Before I had a chance to fill the syringe, I heard the door open. I turned to see Daisy entering the sick room.
“Um, Daisy, the innoculations aren’t immediately effective. You probably shouldn’t be in here. You could get sick.”
Daisy shrugged. “I been with my Tommy since he got home. If I was gonna get sick, I’d be sick by now.”
“Then why did you agree to be immunized?”
Daisy grinned. “’Cause it would make you feel better, Dr. Dan.”
I chuckled at her logic. “True. And thank you, Daisy. I’m sure your example will help encourage others to be immunized.”
Under Daisy’s watchful eye, I prepped Tommy’s bicep with another sterile wipe before readying the syringe.
“Daisy, would you mind holding Tommy’s hand and talking to him quietly to keep him calm? I don’t want to give him a fright by just jabbing a needle into him while he’s half asleep.”
Daisy nodded, grasping the hand of the same arm I intended on injecting. She stroked his forehead with her free hand, and sang to him in low tones. To call what she sang a song, though, would be misleading. It was more a chant, soft and rhythmic, almost mesmerizing. As gently as I could, I slid the needle into his bicep. Other than an involuntary flinching, Tommy’s only other acknowledgment was to utter a breathy moan.
“This morning Tommy said to me he hurts all over. Like he’d gone and played too much footy. Your White Man medicine gonna help with that, Dr. Dan?”
“A little. If we’ve caught the infection early enough it will help stop it spreading. But mainly, we just need to keep him quiet, give him plenty of fluids, keep an eye that his temperature doesn’t get into the danger zone, and see he gets a lot of rest so his body can fight off the infection.
“With that in mind, Daisy, I’d like to hook Tommy up to a saline drip. I’ll need to get the equipment from the clinic. Do you think while I’m gone you could give Tommy a sponge bath?”

Daisy chuckled. “Sure, Dr. Dan, but Tommy’s not gonna like his mum washing his snake. I reckon he’d prefer you to wash it.”
*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie in exchange for a fair and honest review. ***

Forbidden by LAYLA DORINE
This story was well-written, with a timeless quality to it. It could have been set in so many different periods. It was nice to see Eugene and Sage get closer, and even if they couldn't really be accepted in Eugene's little town, that they could make it work. 

Rating: 4 Stars!!!

Through The Front Door by EDDY LEFEY

This was my favorite story in the anthology. For being so short, it packed a lot of emotion, with engaging characters and an interesting plotline. 

Rating: 5 Stars!!!

Deceptive Histories by ERIC GOBER

This was a strange story for me. I think it was a bit rushed in parts, and I'd liked to read a bit more of it because the ending was a bit abrupt for my taste. 

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Meschianza Meetings by ASTA IDONEA

This story was set in 1778, and it was a very well-written, steamy and interesting read. 

Rating: 4.5 Stars!!!

A Hopeless Mirage by KEVIN CAUCHER

This was a very enjoyable read. Guy thinks he's fallen for his best friend's boyfriend and he's trying his best to avoid temptation, only to find out it's all a big misunderstanding. It was sweet and I really liked Guy and Johan. 

Rating: 4.5 Stars!!!

A Touch of Paradise by ALINA POPESCU

I really loved the premise for this story, although I would've loved to read less of the 'set up' and more of Kahoni and Tudor. Radu was a hoot and I adored him! 

Rating: 4.5 Stars!!!

A Surprising Service by A LUSCH

This was a hot little story, with not much plot, but still a steamy read. 

Rating: 3.5 Stars!!!


This was another of my favorites in the Anthology. If it weren't because the ending was a bit confusing, it would've been the best of the lot for me. I really loved Dan and Tommy and I adored Daisy, Tommy's mom, she was amazing! 

Rating: 5 Stars!!! 

Kiss of the South by KASSANDRA LEA

This was more like a long scene or a chapter than a story, too short and with too little backstory to really care for the characters, but what little there was was good. 

Rating: 3 Stars!!!

This was a sweet read, with likable characters that you can root for. I loved that we got to see Jayden and Rawiri when they were younger and then again in the present. 

Rating: 5 Stars!!!

All in all, the Anthology has something for everyone. A blend of sweet, hot and engaging characters from different races, cultures and creeds coming together through love or lust. 

Overall Rating: 4 Stars!!! 


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