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Release Day Blast ~ Between The Lies by Draven St. James ~ (Review, Excerpt + Giveaway)

Release Day Blast ~ Between The Lies by Draven St. James ~ (Review, Excerpt + Giveaway)
Author Name: Draven St. James
Book Name: Between The Lies
Series: Club Syn
Book: One
Can be read as a standalone
Release Date: April 4, 2016


Professor Graham Darrius leads a double life, everyday he enriches the lives of students, but at night he struts the stage as Ebony Powers at Club Syn. The two personas cannot mix, which is an easy rule to follow until a sexy man from Iowa stumbles through the door.
Spencer Neil has never stepped foot into a gay bar and holy shit did he get more than he’s ever imagined. What did he know about drag queens, go-go boys and heated exchanges in dark corners? The world he lives in is academic and predictable. At least until he meets Graham, and sees that sometimes all is not what it seems.

Beneath the shock of discovery, misunderstandings, silk stockings, and wicked instruction Graham finds himself falling for Spencer and Spencer finds he’s getting a whole different kind of education.

Pages or Words: 31,000

Categories: Contemporary, Erotica, Gay Fiction, M/M Romance


“You’re giving off some mixed signals with your silence, hon.”
The touch of fingers along his back had him tensing with need but chained by confusion. He bit his lip to hold in whatever whimpered plea might have escaped. He’d spent years suppressing his sexual nature, so the tendency toward silence was automatic by now. It was far more difficult to make himself let out noise of any kind, much less anything intelligible.
“I may be a lot of things, but I don’t seduce unwilling men.” Ebony’s soft caress left his body, and Spencer swayed toward the touch.
“Stay,” Spencer whispered before he could rethink the word, but he knew he meant it. Whatever Ebony had to offer him, his body sure as hell wanted…needed.
The warmth of Ebony’s body caged him in the small space, like a furnace. The click of the lock being set into place had his heart speeding. What am I doing?

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*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie in exchange for a fair and honest review. ***

The last thing Graham expected was to have his two worlds collide in such a horrible way when he realizes Spencer Neil, one of his new students at the Creative Writing class he gives in college is the guy he thinks of as Iowa, who he met at Club Syn, while Graham was Ebony, drag queen extraordinaire. 

Thrown together by circumstance, they will both get more than they ever expected. 

This was such a fantastic start to this series! Engaging and kind of awkward, which worked perfectly for the premise. Graham appeared so sure at first, then slightly less so when he sees Spencer again in his class. Spencer trying to do what he needs so he doesn't have to return back to Iowa, even if it goes against his principles. And the two of them, very attracted to the other and knowing that starting off anything, considering Graham is Spencer's professor, just spells disaster. 

All in all, an amazing story! Just about as hot as Draven St. James has us used to, a lot of twists I didn't see coming, with great characters you can root for and a secondary cast that I can't wait to get to know better as the series advances! Definitely recommendable! 

Rating: 4.5 Stars!!!  

Meet the author:

I’m a born and raised Oregonian. I’ve traveled extensively in search of mischief and mayhem to fill my books.  My ventures have been quite successful in inspiring a wealth of stories both sexy and humorous.  It gives me a great excuse to do some crazy stuff in the name of research. Of course at the end of the day, coffee within reach, laptop at the ready is where I find my peace.

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Publisher: Draven St. James
Cover Artist: Karrie Jax

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