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Keep Me In Mind ~ Talk Dirty to Me by Jessie G. Books ~ (Interview, Excerpt, Review + Giveaway)

Keep Me In Mind ~ Talk Dirty to Me by  Jessie G. Books ~ (Interview, Excerpt, Review + Giveaway)

Author Name: Jessie G. Books
Book Name: Talk Dirty to Me
Series: Devils Pride MC
Book: Two
Series must be read in order
Release Date: Mid-March (around March 15, 2016)


As a secret agent for the DEA, Snake’s gone deep into Devils Pride MC with the hope of bringing down the head of Miami’s lucrative drug trade and finds himself saddled with the club’s volatile and secretive SA instead. Unfortunately, after years as partners doing shit neither of them wanted to do for reasons neither of them felt comfortable sharing, Snake considers Trick his best friend. Now he’ll do anything to repair the damage his own necessary lies did to their friendship because, while Trick may have walked away from the MC, Snake needs someone he trusts to have his back.
Meanwhile, Snake’s contact at the DEA has him tied up in knots. The sexy voice and inappropriate comments have him walking around with a permanent set of blue balls. Life undercover is lonely and he lives for every phone call, but his own personal Deep Throat is skittish about committing to a date once Snake returns to headquarters. As far as Snake’s concerned, they only have one shot to build something together and he’s not willing to waste it.
Greg knows he’s not Snake’s type, or anyone’s for that matter. Former love interests called him plain, chubby, and boring. More comfortable in his tech cave than with people, he’s a grade A nerd who isn’t exactly GQ material. Normally he would never be brave enough to flirt with anyone—much less the very hot and very dangerous ginger who’d been starring in his nightly fantasies—but Snake needed something to keep him from getting lost undercover. What started out as a helping hand quickly became an integral part of their relationship—if one could call a five year phone conversation a relationship—and Greg is terrified that once Snake’s sees the wizard behind the curtain, he’ll lose the only man he’s ever loved.
Now the DEA has called Snake home to plan the next stage of the mission, leaving Greg no more places to hide. When fantasy and reality collide, will it be everything Snake hopes for or everything Greg fears? The trick will be staying alive long enough to figure out the answer.

Pages or Words: 78,000 words

Categories: Bisexual, Contemporary, Erotica, M/M Romance, Mystery, Romance (Please note: Snake’s bisexuality is only mentioned. It is not gone into.)

R/X Rated Excerpt
“That sexy voice and those incredible brains are a potent combination.” There was a sigh and a muffled groan, reminding Greg why they were talking at close to three in the morning. “Lucky for you, my ego’s big enough to handle the challenge.”
“Your ego or your dick?” Just saying it made his mouth water and he’d give anything to see it, touch it, taste it...
“Damn, Sunshine, you gonna groan like that when I’m shoving my big ego down your throat?” The rough dirty talk was more like the Gene he knew and loved.
Yeah, as hopeless as it was, there was no other word for the feelings that ran deep and true inside him. And it was hopeless. While not conventionally handsome, Gene was everything he could ever want in a man—tall, strong, rugged, smart, and deadly—and damn him for being a ginger to boot. The type of man who had no trouble finding a willing body to fuck. The type of man who would never look twice at an out of shape, curly-haired, glasses-wearing geek. But that was his secret and as long as Gene didn’t know exactly what he looked like, he was able to hold on to the fantasy for a little while longer.
“You know I will.” He was groaning again just thinking about getting his lips anywhere near Gene’s body. “I can feel you fisting my hair, holding me still while you make me take every inch.”
“Fuck yeah, I’d grab two fistfuls and fuck that dirty mouth the way it deserves,” Gene promised. “You want that, don’t you, Sunshine? To be manhandled until your throat is raw and your lips are swollen.”
Greg fisted his own aching cock, dragging his palm from balls to tip. What he wouldn’t give for that just once. “More than anything.”
“My dirty little Valentine.” Gene’s voice was ragged and full of satisfaction. “Get your toy, dirty boy, I’m dying to pound that tight ass until you’re screaming my name.”
There was no embarrassment as he reached for the long, thick vibrating dildo he’d already prepared in anticipation of this phone call. He wanted Gene too much to allow embarrassment to stop him from experiencing whatever he could with the man. “Tell me...tell me how you want me. On my back? On my knees?”
“On your back so I can see your face,” Gene purred and Greg felt his heart skip another beat. His dirtiest fantasies had nothing on phone sex with Gene. The real thing would probably kill him.

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie in exchange for a fair and honest review. ***

This book is part of a series, and should be read in order for maximum enjoyment.

Greg is a nerd/hacker/DEA agent/all-around-average-guy who has been handling/grounding undercover agent Gene/Snake for the last five years. They've only talked over the phone, but they've grown increasingly closer over the years. When the chance to finally meet face-to-face comes around, Greg is unsure that he'd be good enough for Gene, but Gene is nothing if not persistent and he won't take no for an answer. 

I loved both Greg and Snake! They were amazing characters and their chemistry nearly set my Kindle aflame. They were fun, sweet and hot together and I just loved having a closer look to their partnership than we got in the previous book. 

I also loved seeing the other characters from Tricking Chase, especially Ty and Chase, and I loved that the ends that were still loose from that book were tied in nicely in this one.

The book was action-packed, fast-paced and very well written. The storyline flowed fantastically and it was quite believable. The characters were complex and very likable and drew me completely into the story. While I liked book 1, Talk Dirty to Me was definitely my favorite of the two. Definitely a must-read!

Rating: 5 Stars!!!
Today I’m very lucky to be interviewing Jessie G author of Talk Dirty to Me. Hi Jessie, thank you for agreeing to this interview.

  1. What book do you wish you could have written? 

    The one I haven’t written yet

  1. How important are names to you (in your books)? Do you choose names based on liking the way it sounds or meaning? How do you choose your names? 

    My main characters usually introduce themselves. I’ve heard other authors struggle with names, titles, even blurbs, but those three things usually come to me as the idea unfolds in my head. In fact, I don’t start writing the book until I have those three things. Now, I don’t always have last names, and lesser secondary character names can be elusive (lesser=they won’t eventually get their own book), and for those things, I turn to my FB reader group. They’ve given me names, birthdays, anniversary, company names, restaurant names…they are very creative and generous, sharing little bits of themselves to help me.

  1. Were you already a great writer? 

    Am I a great writer now? I think I’ve reached good and getting better every day. The day I consider myself great, the day I stop trying to improve, please fire me.

  1. Which character, from any of your books, do you consider your greatest work? 

    Each of them is my greatest work when I’m writing them. Alaric—that polished exterior hides a razor sharp wit and ruthlessness that makes my knees weak. Bull—big, brash, balls to the wall and with a heart so big, he makes mine melt. Saul—ah, so tortured, but I can’t say more because I’m not done with him. Ty—sarcastic as fuck, deadly, loving, ruthless, tender…ugh. Chris—big, silent, literally will kill for those he loves (oh, wait, they all will). Billy—knows he’s just one wrong word away from being a psychopath, loves with his whole heart and seeks out someone to keep him in check so he doesn’t cross that line. Snake—my lone wolf who desperately needs connections, now that he’s found someone he can trust with his secrets, his heart, he’ll do anything to make it work. And those are just my alphas. Do you need me to talk about their partners—Davin, Red, Javi, Kyle, Chase, Liam, Owen, Greg—cause this post can go on all day?

5. What hobbies do you enjoy? 

Reading, cooking, traveling. Sometimes I pretend I’m crafty, but I’m really not

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Meet the author:
Like many readers, the dream of being a writer has been with me a long time. After three decades of trying, I'd begun to doubt. Thanks to social media, I followed my favorite authors hoping to glean some words of wisdom as I pounded out half-formed ideas with alarming regularity. Two repetitive themes emerged: to be a great writer you must read a lot and your butt must be in the chair every day like it's a job. The more you write, the easier it will be to write and the better you will be at writing. I took that advice to heart and write every day. With three series in the works and a full schedule of releases planned for the next two years, it's been amazing to have made this dream my reality.
I am a firm believer in marriage equality, love at first sight, power dynamics, and happily ever after. I'm a lover of strong secondary characters, and series filled with families—biological or chosen. All are themes you'll find throughout my books.

Where to find the author:

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Publisher: Jessie G. Books Inc.
Cover Artist: Andrew Reyna, Dynamic Craft Studios

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23-Mar: V's Reads
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  1. Thank you so much for hosting my guys and for loving Greg & Snake. They were so much fun to write, so you know I'll be revisiting them again!