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Release Blitz ~ The Beginning (Sirius Wolves #6) by Victoria Sue ~ (Review)

Release Blitz ~ The Beginning (Sirius Wolves #6) by Victoria Sue ~ (Review)

Author: Victoria Sue

Release Date: July 28

Length: 173 pages

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The Winter Circle is on the rise and the most desperate hour for humankind is at hand. Working from the shadows, the dark god Anubis, jealous enemy of the goddess Sirius, is setting years' long plans in motion, a master scheme that will strike home in the heart of Jefferson Pack.

Nate is a survivor.  He survived rejection by his father and his pack when he was a child. He survived being alone, kidnapped, starved, and tortured. But the more he recovers, the more he realizes he seems to be developing abilities that surpass those of the Supreme Alphas.

More than that, though, he can't move past the scar of knowing he was responsible for killing Darric, even though the Alpha was resurrected by Orion and Nate was forgiven; he can't let go of his fear that there is something terrible hiding in the many holes in the memories of his childhood.

The Winter Circle strikes, and there is a traitor within the pack, one who means to see the end of all hybrids, including Nate and Kellan's pups.

But as all hell breaks loose Nate's greatest fear is not the danger that surrounds him, it's the danger that hides within him. When Nate's finds out his true purpose, and terrible secrets are revealed, will love triumph over evil? Or will the secret that Nate carries just be the death of them all?

What I Loved: Marcus! I'm pretty sure he is my favorite character in the series, I pretty much love everything about him.  He's strong, loyal and loving, he truly cares about his pack and would do anything to protect them and keep them safe. And let's not forget his love and devotion to his mates. I loved that we got to see Marcus really grow into his role as Alpha and as a mate. 

And can I just say, these 4 guys together are smokin'. Very sexy, intimate, they were very well done. Marcus, Nate, Kellan and Ricoh are definitely perfect together. 

The story focuses on Nate's childhood and what he had to go through, which, of course, was not good. As he tries to deal with revelations, he has his mates to lean on which is a major plus. A lot happens in this story and some of it left me a bit anxious about where the author might take us, but by the end, I knew it was worth it. And as a reward, we get a pretty great Epilogue which was both satisfying and sweet. 

What I Liked: Victoria Sue's ability to develop such a unique world and take on Shifters. The books are all so well written and grip the readers attention even as we have now reached book 6. There obviously is great potential for further books in the series, yet I still felt a sense of closure for these boys and can definitely picture a Happily Ever After!

What I didn't like: the biggest problem I had with the story is that it's not really a standalone and as a person who had read the first 3 books but not the 2 proceeding this one I was a little lost. I was lucky enough to stop and get them, and it helped, but for anyone not familiar with this series I highly recommend you start from book one. There is a lot of world building and character development and it helps to get situated into the story. 

All in all, I really enjoyed Sirius Wolves book 6 The Beginning. To the fans of the series, this is a definite must read. For others, I highly recommend The Beginning, but only after you have read previous books in the series. 

4 Stars!

Author Bio

Victoria Sue has loved books for as long as she can remember. Books were always what pocket money went on and what usually Father Christmas brought. When she ran out of her kid's adventure stories, she would go raid her mom's. By the age of eight she was devouring classics like Little Women, and fell in love with love stories.

She's still in love with them. Any size, any shape, any creature - love is love, no matter what it says on the box.

In fact if they don't fit very neatly into any box she loves them even more! She has a very patient husband and three wonderful children. In 2010 in search of adventure they all moved from the UK to the US and are happily settled in Florida. Finally, after reading love stories for so long, she decided to write her own.

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