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Release Day Review ~ Running Hot by Yolande Kleinn ~ (Review)

Release Day Review ~ Running Hot by Yolande Kleinn ~ (Review)

Title: Running Hot
Author: Yolande Kleinn
Release Date: August 10, 2016
Category: Contemporary
Pages: 50


Kurt Trench loves running a successful auto repair shop with his twin sister Lena. Lately loyal customer Shane Dolan has been coming around more often, and Kurt assumes it’s because of his sister. While Kurt wouldn’t dream of coming between them, he can’t help being drawn to Shane himself…. Or thinking about him in ways he definitely shouldn’t.

One night everything changes. Kurt doesn’t reciprocate Shane’s kiss—he’s got no intention of stealing his sister’s man—but when he tells Lena what happened, she can’t believe how thick her brother is. She’s not the reason Shane’s been coming around the garage, and Kurt and Shane have more in common than a love of classic muscle cars. Now it’s on Kurt to make the next move, assuming he hasn’t blown his chance for good.

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Kurt Trench and his twin sister own and operate a garage passed down from their father. For the past few months Shane Dolan has been coming around the shop with various needs on his Mustang. It's obvious to Kurt that Shane and Lena are somehow involved. Shane seems to follow her around like a puppy and unlike her usual self Lena seems to eat it up. The problem however is that Kurt can't help but be attracted to Shane and he doesn't want to upset his sister by going after her man. When Shane kisses Kurt outside of a pub, Kurt resists his advances not liking the fact that his sister's boyfriend would betray her like that.  

If only Kurt were to have spoken with Lena about Shane or even watched Shane more closely, maybe he would've realized Shane has wanted him this whole time. Now Kurt will have to figure out how to apologize to Shane and hope he still has a chance. 

This was a cute and sexy pick me up. I liked the story of a brother having a crush on his sister's boyfriend only to find out the boyfriend had a crush on him, too. Kurt and Shane were a good match for one another and it was good they finally figured things out. 

Since this is so short there really wasn't much angst yet there was definitely a good build-up of sexual tension. It was funny, too, which completed the whole thing. Yes, I'd recommend Running Hot!

5 Stars!

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