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Blog Tour: Long Road Home by JC Jaynes (Review)

TITLE: Long Road Home
GENRE:  M/M Contemporary Romance


What should have been a beautiful new beginning is undone by the hatred and envy of another.

Ten years ago, Kaine Keeley watched in horror as the love of his life turned his back on him, taking with him his one true chance at happiness. Now that he's no longer the penniless, shy boy he once was, Kaine is ready to fight and take back what was stolen from him.

A long time ago, Graeson Hardin thought that Kaine was worth fighting for. But after witnessing a crushing betrayal, he ran and never looked back. He wants nothing now but to live his life of solitude, protected from a love that almost destroyed him.

When Kaine shows up ten years later with a heartfelt apology and a believable explanation, Graeson must decide if he can make peace with his past to have the possibility of the future he always wanted.

Having traveled different roads in life, will these former lovers be able to battle the evil that may still be working to keep them apart and find a way to begin their long journey back home?

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by the author/publisher for my reading pleasure in hopes of an unbiased opinion, a review was not a requirement.***

Kaine and Graeson were deeply in love while in college. Unfortunately, when a plot to destroy their love succeeds at making Graeson pack up and run away, Kaine is left trying to pick up the pieces.  Ten years is a long time but Kaine has been biding his time, making himself into a man worthy of Graeson Hardin.  Now he's ready to tell Graeson the truth about what happened and win back the man he lost. Only Graeson isn't ready to see Kaine again, let alone speak to him and take a chance on love for a second time. 

Unfortunately, Long Road Home didn't quite live up to my expectations. I fell in love with the cover, so admittedly I went into it with rose-colored glasses, but I just wanted something that would lead me on an emotional ride.  This wasn't it. 

I like angst and drama but I want it to be believable, I want it to make some kind of sense. I truly can't enjoy a story where the main conflict is a misunderstanding that could've been cleared up in 5 minutes with a conversation.  It's something that seems to be prominent in New Adult books which annoyed me when I read them, and now more and more, I'm seeing them in the kind of books I'm reading now.  

If Graeson would have confronted Kaine about what happened, he could've had the entire situation explained to him and they could've worked through it. The fact that he ran away instead shows a lack of maturity, which in his defense he was just finishing college, but also shows the lack of strength to work on a relationship that was supposed to be so important to him. As far as Kaine goes, he wasn't horrible, I just don't care for him. What happened to him was awful and it's a shame he didn't have the opportunity to explain but his whole plan to get Graeson back and the way he studied him before approaching him after a decade just didn't sit right with me.  

Unfortunately, this is not a book I would recommend. 

2.5 Stars


I am a native Houstonian, with a deep love of Texas, especially our gorgeous Hill Country.  I am mother to five awesome children who, like their mom, are all weird and quite possibly a little bit nutty.  I attended the University of Houston and have BA in Business Administration. By day I am a Treasury Analyst in the Oil & Gas industry but by night, I let my inner freak-flag fly.

I have always been an avid reader.  I distinctly remember begging my poor mother to paint my room lavender so that it would coordinate with my Harlequin romance novel collection that had taken over my room.  My love of romance has evolved over the years to a passion for darker, more dangerous love that is hard fought.  After stumbling upon my first M/M novel I was blown away and from then on I was hooked.  My love of hot, sexy men aside, I love to read - and now write - stories with rough, sexy alpha males that struggle to find their HEA. My stories can be sparked by a name I hear, a delicious recipe I see, or even the lyrics of a song that move me.  I will hear it or see it and a complete character pops into my brain demanding that I write their story.

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