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Cover Reveal ~ Line Drive (Homeruns #6) by Sloan Johnson ~ (Author Interview)

Cover Reveal ~ Line Drive (Homeruns #6) by Sloan Johnson ~ (Author Interview)


PJ Nolan has convinced himself he can get through one last year. That changes when he arrives for the first day of spring training and his teammates think it’s funny to mock the one night that made him feel alive. They don’t realize those pictures are all he has left of Nate Kendricks. 

Nate knows nothing about baseball, but agrees to a spring training road trip with his twin brother. He’s not thrilled about the prospect of seeing PJ Nolan, the man who’d haunted his dreams since the night of the charity auction. Nate thought their chemistry was undeniable, but after that night, he never heard from PJ again.

Once they reunite, PJ’s certain of one thing: he’s not going to let Nate slip away again. As he gets closer to joining his dad in the record books, he feels Nate slipping away. What will he choose if forced to pick between new love and a lifelong dream?

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I like doing author interviews, well, not coming up with the questions, but getting to read the answers. I really love getting to interview authors I know and love, though!! 

Today, I’m thrilled to welcome Sloan Johnson, author of Line Drive, book 6 in the Homeruns series. 

Hi Sloan, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Tell us a little about yourself, your background, and your current book.

Thank you for having me! I always struggle with what to tell anyone about myself. I can’t help but wonder who’d be interested in knowing anything about boring ol’ me! But, you asked, so I’ll give it a shot! 

I’m a northern girl, recently transplanted to North Carolina. Yeah, I know, it’s strange to do what I do for a living and willingly move to a state that’s been in the news so much for their politics recently, but I feel like it’s where I was meant to be. I was taught from a young age to use my voice, and that’s what I’m hoping to do here.

I’ve been writing since I was young, but didn’t think it would ever be a career. I spent almost twenty years hopping from one job to the next, trying to find what fit. Since writing my first book (which I started as a NaNoWriMo challenge years ago) I haven’t looked back!

Line Drive is a bit of a departure from the earlier books in the Homeruns series. I’ve carefully crafted Milwaukee to be an open, accepting club (with one glaring exception), but in this book, I wanted to show a bit of realism many gay athletes face. Life isn’t butterflies and rainbows just because one athlete found acceptance. But don’t worry, PJ still finds his happy ending!

What inspired you to write about baseball players?

This entire series started because one of my friends wanted ONE baseball book. I had a plot bunny that I’d set aside, and eventually it became part of Wild Pitch. By the time I finished writing that one, I knew Jason and Eric needed their happy endings, but they wouldn’t be together. Then, Cody rolled around and I wanted him to be happy. And it’s kind of snowballed from there. 

Your characters have faced some major heartache. Of all the characters you've written, whose story has been the most heartbreaking for you to write?  

If we’re talking Homeruns only, definitely Jason. His loss was tragic, which is why I needed to give him a happy ending. If we’re talking all of my books, I’d have to say Scott. Even writing what he went through with Shelly was tough. I hated myself a little bit for what I did to him!

How do you keep all these characters in the Homeruns series straight? Okay, well not in the literal sense! lol 

You’re saying I do, lol. Honestly, I know these guys almost as well as I know anyone in my real life, but I have been known to go back and read previous books just to make sure I’m not screwing up.

Will any of your characters get a continuation of their story? 

Maybe ;) I’m not ready to announce anything yet, but let’s just say there could be something in the works.

Can you share the project(s) you are currently working on?

I’m currently working on Down By Contact, which is Zach’s book. You’ll meet him in Line Drive, but he’s not a baseball player and he doesn’t fall in love with one. 

One last question. What goes through your mind when you write a sex scene? Does it turn you on or is it sort of clinical to write?

Honestly, I HATE writing sex scenes. I’m human, so yeah, there are times when I get turned on. But it’s also clinical, because I have to make sure I’m being true to my characters and true to what would happen in real life. It has to be enough, but not gratuitous. It has to fit the story. It’s so much to think about that it’s hard to get into.

About The Author:

Sloan Johnson is a big city girl trapped in a country girl’s life. While she longs for the hustle and bustle of New York City or Las Vegas, she hasn’t yet figured out how to sit on the deck with her morning coffee, watching the deer and wild turkeys in the fields while surrounded by concrete and glass. When she was three, her parents received their first call from the principal asking them to pick her up from school. Apparently, if you aren’t enrolled, you can’t attend classes, even in Kindergarten. The next week, she was in preschool and started plotting her first story soon after. Later in life, her parents needed to do something to help their socially awkward, uncoordinated child come out of her shell and figured there was no better place than a bar on Wednesday nights. It’s a good thing they did because this is where she found her love of reading and writing. Who needs socialization when you can sit alone in your bedroom with a good book? Now, Sloan is a tattooed mom with a mohawk and two kids. She’s been kicked out of the PTA in two school districts and is no longer asked to help with fundraisers because she’s been known to lose herself with a good book and forget she has somewhere to be. 

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