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Foster An Author hosted by Jo&Isa Love Books Day Two ~ Sleight of Heart by Aisling Mancy ~ (Giveaway)

Foster An Author hosted by Jo&Isa Love Books Day Two ~ Sleight of Heart by Aisling Mancy ~ (Giveaway)

Hi, I’m Aisling “Ash” Mancy! I’m lucky enough to have been adopted by Bayou Book Junkie this week for Jo&Isa Love Books Foster an Author week! I love my new parents! I’m headed to Gay Rom Lit Retreat this week and I’ll be sharing these posts every day. Be sure to scroll down and enter the giveaway!

The Morality of Magick Series is a series of stand-alone books (Yes, it’s true! No waiting for the next book!) about different sorts of magick. My newest book, Sleight of Heart, is the first book in the series and comes to you from CoolDudes Publishing.

Sleight of Heart is an enchanting romance about a palm-reading gypsy and a vampire mage who fall in love against all odds. The story combines the primordial phantasy of the preternatural with the ancient superstition of the Romani—set against a backdrop of present day reality. The penultimate question: How would humans treat preternatural creatures in society today?

The story includes Romani lore, and I tell a true story of my experience in Paris with a Romani young man here. Pesha is largely based on this young man and, in Sleight of Heart, he is a mysterious gypsy who lives under the tyranny of his father, the ruler of a compania (band, tribe, clan) in Wales. Lord Taliesin Solitaire has been alone for two hundred years and, having been betrayed in the worst way, has sworn never to fall in love again.

This story tells of broken hearts and second chances for both Pesha and Taliesin. We’ve all been there: our hearts broken so deeply that we vow never to love again. Then someone comes along that piques our interest and we begin to think about love again. Love has a way of wending itself into our hearts even when we don’t want it to be there—and it causes us to reassess ourselves, our lives, and where we’d like to be. Some of those reassessments might involve:

LESSONS LEARNED: You’ve learned from past relationships and you can now  apply these lessons to new relationships so you can avoid the same mistakes. Be open-minded.

MATURED: Many people aren’t mature, whatever his or her age, and that can make it difficult to be in a successful relationship. We often heap the blame for failure of a relationship on ourselves. Think about the past, don’t be hard on yourself, and consider the new person you have met objectively. Be introspective.

CHANGED CIRCUMSTANCES: Outside influences or situations affect relationships. If the barriers that prevented you from loving have changed, or if you have changed, those barriers may now be irrelevant. Have hope.

GOOD AT HEART: What we really want, if we have respect for ourselves, is a person who treats us well and has a good heart. Nice people are attractive and one may be staring you in the face!

STRONG FEELINGS: The laws of attraction can be insurmountable. They exist for a reason. Don’t fight them. Give yourself a chance to love again.

Sleight of Heart tells an awe-inspiring story of a love that can’t be denied. I hope you enjoy reading Sleight of Heart as much as I enjoyed writing it! Thank you for reading my books!

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Here’s a little about Sleight of Heart!

A vampire mage, a Romani young man, and a love that won't be denied.

Lord Taliesin Solitaire was born albino, cursed mute by the fey, and betrayed by a vampire lover. For two hundred years the vampire mage has vowed never to love again and has only used sex as a means to a meal. Until a palm-reading gypsy finds himself in peril and Taliesin can’t resist rescuing the beautiful young man.

Pesha Sinclair is the eldest but smallest son of King Vaida Sinclair, the oppressive ruler of the Kåle Romani Compania. Deemed impure by his father, Pesha is shunned and mistreated by his band and four half-brothers, and one brother in particular wants him dead. His pale, silent savior gives him safety, security and a love he never could have imagined. As Pesha falls in love with his handsome white knight, his half-brother does the unthinkable.

Can Taliesin rescue Pesha from the cruel clutches of his half-brother a second time?

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About Aisling Mancy

Ash is an author who lives, most of the time, on the West Coast of the United States. Ash writes adult fantasy, science fiction, adult romance, and fiction for gay young adults as C. Kennedy.

Raised on the mean streets and back lots of Hollywood by a Yoda-look-alike grandfather, Ash doesn’t conform, doesn’t fit in, is epic awkward, and lives to perfect a deep-seated oppositional defiance disorder. In a constant state of fascination with the trivial, Ash contemplates such weighty questions as If time and space are curved, then where do all the straight people come from? When not writing, Ash can be found taming waves on western shores, pondering the nutritional value of sunsets, appreciating the much-maligned dandelion, unhooking guide ropes from stanchions, and marveling at all things ordinary. Ash does respond to emails because, after all, it is all about you, the reader.

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