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Promo Post ~ Winter Break & Summer Project by Steve Milton ~ (Excerpt)

Promo Post ~ Winter Break & Summer Project by Steve Milton ~ (Excerpt)

Title: Winter Break
Series: College Try Book 1
Author: Steve Milton
Length: 43 Pages
Release Date: December 17, 2015


A straight nerd, a gay jock, and a college dorm over winter break

Everybody knows Stanley's gay, and everybody knows that Stanley is way out of Ben's social league. That was true during classes, anyway. For winter break, Ben and Stanley have the dorm all to themselves. Ben is straight, but Stanley is everything he's ever wanted.

Winter Break is a standalone straight-to-gay/gay-for-you college romance with a HEA and explicit scenes.


“I thought we agreed that I was just trying things out.”

“What the fuck -- yes when you kissed me the first time, I said that was trying things out. But then we spend two weeks together having sex, and you’re just trying things out? Nice test drive, mister.”

“I’m sorry, Stanley, I, I don’t know what.”

“It’s ok, dude. I went through the same kind of thing in high school. Say no more. No one will know what we did. I won’t know either.”


He walked off to his room -- not like a prissy spurned lover, but more like a resigned man who knew that he should’ve known better. And I chalked up the past two weeks to a horny mistake, situational homosexuality, getting some ass during the Siberian winter.

But even if it was a mistake, even if I wasn’t really gay, it had given me a new spring in my step, a new panache, as if Stanley had installed a bunch of fountains on me that would now constantly be oozing confidence -- that was me. People said I looked better, that perhaps I’d been eating well or sleeping well during break. I had been. But that’s not what brought me my new confidence. It was all about being loved, it was all about being sexed, it was all about a human-to-human connection we all downright physically need. If that was what my two-week winter break relationship with Stanley would give me, then so be it. It would be a brief homosexual interlude that got my head screwed on right and helped me find a new confidence, the groove I’d never had.

Title: Summer Project
Series: College Try Book 2
Author: Steve Milton
Length: 120 Pages
Release Date: July 4, 2016


"He's a Brad or a Chad, not a Mortimer."

The summer before college, Raffy finds out his roommate is named Mortimer. Raffy expects Mortimer to show up wearing a sweater vest and high-rise pants. But Mortimer goes by Mook, and he's a popular, athletic jock. A kind, open, and friendly jock, who does his best to include shy Raffy in his social life. 

Raffy rations himself an occasional peek at Mook dressing, undressing, and showering, and his eyes tend to wander when Mook wears loose basketball shorts. But Mook is definitely straight, and a jock at that. Way out of Raffy's league. And straight.

"I'm no genius, but this anthropology class is awesome."

Raffy has mixed feelings when Mook replaces him as the class star, and even more mixed feelings when Mook signs up to join the same summer research trip to Vanuatu that Raffy thought was all his. Raffy doesn't need to spend his summer tempted by what he can't have. 

"I have to share a bed with Mook?"

Vanuatu is a tropical island paradise, but Mook and Raffy's room has only one bed, and their professor next door always walks around naked. Mook doesn't mind cuddling after a long day exploring the island. It won't be a problem. Raffy can control himself. Or not. 

Summer Project is a standalone gay romance with curious college freshmen, a horny professor, a feel-good HEA, and a volcano of hot tropical love.


“Sounds pretty good. You gonna be there with me, right?”

“Sure man. Nine A.M., Mondays and Wednesdays. Raffy and Mook. Mook and Raffy.” I jolted as if from an electric shock at how gay that sounded.

“Awesome. Awesome.”

It was on. Mook and I, together every morning, as if having been together all night wasn’t already enough. In addition to smelling his sweaty nighttime musk, I’d smell his freshly showered morning essence and get to wonder just how he washed his balls, whether he shampooed his pubic hair, and how deeply he cleaned his ass rim. I’d already seen that cock -- I felt guilty thinking about it, imagining it as I went to sleep with my erection pushing against the blanket, but I couldn’t do anything to stop it, because as much as fantasizing about Mook felt like an insult to him, stopping myself from it would also feel like disrespecting his raw sexual appeal.

For Spring Break, Mook was heading down to Mexico -- as he described, “going to Tijuana for some marijuana,” making an exaggerated joint-puffing gesture with his fingers -- while I’d be reporting back to my parents. We’d be apart. During exams, just before spring break, I worked hard not to be clingy or needy toward Mook, even if I did sit next to him on his bed more than usual just to ask him what’s going on and how his swim meets are going and whether he needed any help with homework.

“Nah, I’m good, man. Don’t wanna trouble you. Swim team has its own tutors anyway.”
Did the swim team tutors teach him how to hold his legs while sitting on the bed to accentuate his thigh and calf muscles, to afford me a guilty peek down his shorts to his ass cheek and a hint of pubes? Did his swim-team training include smiling so I could see very last one of his perfectly white teeth? Was it his swim team tutors that taught him how to make me miss him so damn much during break?

About The Author:

Steve Milton writes gay romances with sweet love, good humor, and hot sex. His stories tend toward the sweet and sexy, with not much angst and definitely no downers. Steve crafts feel-good stories with complex characters and interesting settings. He is a South Florida native, and when he's not writing, he likes cats, cars, music, and coffee.

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