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Promo Tour ~ Back to School ( Book # 3 in the College Try series) by Steve Milton

Promo Tour ~ Back to School ( Book # 3 in the College Try series) by Steve Milton

Author: Steve Milton
Title: Back to School
Series: Book # 3 in the College Try series
118 pages

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"I have to room with a freshman?!"

Straight muscle jock David's girlfriend broke up with him and kicked him out of their apartment. He has to move in to the very last dorm room available at Stanford -- with his new roommate, Elias Chan, who at eighteen years old is already famous for founding a successful dating website. 

David takes pride in showing off his muscle-god body and his surfing skills to Elias, but he doesn't tell Elias that he was just dumped, nor that he desperately wants to make himself attracted to women. 

"I can't stop looking at his body."

David stretches and lifts in their dorm room and Elias catches himself staring. Back in high school, Elias was never interested in girls. When he sees David casually doing chin-ups from the top bunk, Elias wonders what could happen with a guy. David says he's straight, but his backstory is a bit off, and he takes a bit too much pleasure in showing off his amazing muscle body to Elias. 

"Let's surf."

David tries to impress a girl with his surfing skills, but he and Elias are just too good together in the water. David's been scared to surf ever since Stacy dumped him, but with Elias, it's all just so natural.

"Partners in business, partners in love."

Elias's business is attracting all the right attention, and with David's software expertise, there's a twenty-million-dollar investment deal coming. But David still wants to prove that he's good enough for his ex-girlfriend, while Elias fears being pumped and dumped once the novelty wears off for David. 

Back to School is a standalone gay college romance set in the San Francisco Bay Area, with a feel-good HEA, hot surfing, and hotter loving.


David intentionally bumped the weak ass that was almost in his way as he strutted in to his new room. “Sorry, sorry,” Elias whimpered, then turned around and was presented at eye-level with a jungle of chest hair peeking out from an Abercrombie t-shirt. Only when he looked up he saw the gently tanned face, the soul patch, and the close-cropped blond hair that he assumed could only belong to a guy with a name like David Sanders. 
“Are you David Sanders?”

“Yeah.” That was all the introduction David needed to give. He’d worn a sleeveless t-shirt to give his arms room to show themselves, and thereby to further establish his ownership of the situation. 
“Top bunk is mine,” David announced as he demonstratively put his set of hand weights on the top bed. Would he really need weights in bed? Maybe not. But image was image, and this room would be his own totalitarian dictatorship, by rule of muscleocracy.


He’d been hoping for at least some protest or argument from his freshman charge. Elias seemed happy enough to throw his backpack onto the bottom bunk. The kid really was a wuss. Or maybe the kid didn’t know that the top bunk was the one everybody always wanted: privacy to jack off or sleep naked, and a view of the clear white ceiling instead of always feeling as if your nose was up your roommate’s ass crack.

David assumed his regal position on the top bunk, ready to live like true royalty -- perfectly idle -- while the freshmen had one week of orientation. It was a perfect vantage point, especially with all the freshman girls that would no doubt be cavorting through the hallways and maybe even through his room. Stacy hadn’t appreciated him, but in a dorm of horny freshmen, getting laid would certainly be handed to him pretty much on a silver platter.

About The Author:

Steve Milton writes gay romances with sweet love, good humor, and hot sex. His stories tend toward the sweet and sexy, with not much angst and definitely no downers. Steve crafts feel-good stories with complex characters and interesting settings. He is a South Florida native, and when he's not writing, he likes cats, cars, music, and coffee.

You can sign up for Steve's weekly update email list: http://eepurl.com/bYQboP

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