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Virtual Book Tour ~ Certainly, Possibly, You by Lissa Reed ~ (Excerpt, Author Interview + Giveaway)

Virtual Book Tour ~ Certainly, Possibly, You by Lissa Reed ~ (Excerpt, Author Interview + Giveaway)

Book title: Certainly, Possibly, You
Author: Lissa Reed
Series Sucre Coeur
Book Number: 2 of 3
Words: 89,000
Cover: Cover design by C.B. Messer
Categories: Contemporary romance; LGBT/Lesbian; Interracial; RomCom

Sarita Sengupta is in her last semester of grad school and has finally realized she doesn’t have a career plan, a girlfriend, or a clear outlook on life. She works as a pastry shop’s head decorator, but is otherwise drifting without direction until a friend’s birthday party ends with her waking up in surprise next to Maritza Quiñones, a pretty ballroom dancer whose cheerful charm and laser focus sets Sarita on a path to making all of the choices she’s been avoiding.


Forgetting the deal, Sarita gets to her feet, trying to ignore the fact that her movements are so much less graceful and sensual than Maritza’s, and she steps over to where Maritza is facing the mirror, eyes closed and her arms up over her head, hands clasped as she slowly shimmies in place. Opening one eye, Maritza spots Sarita’s advance in the glass and offers a lopsided little grin that makes Sarita’s heart take off into space.

“You win,” Sarita whispers as she slides her hands along Maritza’s waist, gathering up the hem of Maritza’s shirt until she can glide her palms right against Maritza’s smooth brown skin. “I want to dance with you now.”

Maritza turns in Sarita’s hands, curling her fingers down into the waistband of Sarita’s jeans and using the grip to pull their bodies close together. “Good,” she purrs, taking Sarita’s earlobe between her teeth for a quick little nip. “This next song was for you anyway.”

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Today I’m very lucky to be interviewing Lissa Reed, author of Certainly, Possibly, You.

Hi Lissa, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Tell us a little about yourself, your background, and your current book.

Hello, hello, and thanks for hosting me today! I’m a writer and software wonk living in the DFW Metroplex – me and the cats and a balcony herb garden that just barely survived our more Texan than usual summer. Certainly is my second book, but it’s my first foray into something that’s deeply personal to me: the love story of queer women who love working with pastry and dancing their butts off.

  1. Tell us something about your character’s friends.

Sarita has several friends at the Sucre Coeur bakery, but probably her best one is Natasha Collins, who is probably the best baker next to the bakery manager, Craig. Sarita and Tash frequently have rom-com movie binge nights when Tash, who is a single mother, doesn’t have her daughter Katerina. Tash is fairly no-nonsense and very capable. She’s also funny, in a dry way, and she gives good advice.

Maritza’s best friend is probably Grace Nguyen. They work together at a pizzeria in Seattle. Grace is hugely supportive of Maritza’s dancing, she’s the friend that shows up at most of the competitions to cheer Mari on. She loves to tease Maritza about her love life, but she’s also, like Tash, one with good advice when it’s needed.

  1. What is your character’s favorite meal? Favorite dessert? Favorite snack food?

Sarita loves potstickers, and ice cream, and popcorn.

Maritza loves pizza (working in a pizzeria has somehow managed to not kill this off), and bananas Foster, and she is bizarrely fond of any novelty potato chip flavors Lay’s comes out with – except for the Cappucino ones, which revolted even her ravenous coffee-loving palate.

  1. What activity does your character absolutely hate?

I don’t think they hate anything. Sarita is fairly ambivalent about exercise, it’s not something she engages in willingly. Maritza doesn’t care for making pizza at work when there are anchovies involved.

  1. What other author’s book do you think your character would be good in?
Sarita would demand to be put in any of the Harry Potter books. Any of them. Would she be a good fit? I have no idea. But that is where she would want to go.

Maritza, I would love to put her in Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic series. She would do her best to help Becky break her shopping habit. She would not succeed at all, but man, she would try so hard and it would be fun to see!

  1. What’s your favorite decade and why?

Man, listen – my teenage years were the 90’s. I remain convinced we had the best music and I don’t even hate everything I wore back then. I’m still a big fan of the floral sundresses and clunky Mary Janes look, I still love my platform sandals. We had great movies and I miss Clearly Canadian bottled water like you can’t believe.

Couldn’t go back there, though. No sir, I can still hear the honking screech of a dial-up modem, I did my time, I’m not going back…

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About The Author:

Lissa Reed is a writer of Fiction, blogs, and bawdy Renaissance song parodies. She traces her early interest in writing
back to elementary school, when a teacher gifted her with her First composition book and told her to ll it with words.
After experimenting with print journalism, Reed shifted her writing focus to romance and literary Fiction and never looked
back. She lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Certainly, Possibly, You is the second book in Reed’s Sucre Coeur series.


  1. Hello, and thank you for hosting me! I appreciate it!

    1. You're welcome, Lissa! It was our pleasure!