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2016 Advent Calendar ~ Krampus Hates Christmas by Andi Van

2016 Advent Calendar ~ Krampus Hates Christmas by Andi Van

Title: Krampus Hates Christmas
Author: Andi Van
Category: Holiday, Fantasy: Urban Fantasy, Fantasy: Mythology
Pages: 104

Karl Kringle hates the modern-day Christmas. He was born to be Krampus, but the Holiday Council refuses to let him help his brother Nick—aka Santa Claus—with the Naughty List until he finds his holiday spirit. To meet that challenge, he’s turned human and dumped in a strange apartment.
Lewis Weatherby loves the holidays and always has. Not only do his parents own a pumpkin patch and tree farm, he’s also inherited a Christmas-themed shop. All he wants from Santa is the man of his dreams, and the Big Guy might’ve just delivered. Lewis’s new neighbor Karl is gorgeous, sweet, and has a fantastic sense of humor—if his jokes about being Krampus are any indication.
Soon getting home is less important to Karl than what will happen when Lewis inevitably realizes the truth behind his jokes. He’s finally starting to understand the real joy of the season—now he just has to figure out how to hold on to it.

4 Stars!

Trying to help Krampus find his holiday spirit, his brother in law Santa Claus's husband, uses magic to send him temporarily to the human world. What at first seems like a punishment turns out to be a gift when Karl aka Krampus finds love. Only he worries that once the magic stops, Lewis won't be able to love the real him. After all under the illusion of smooth skin is fur, feet are really hooves and his beloved horns are hidden from Lewis's eyes.

This was a fun and interesting story. My only knowledge of the Krampus was a horror movie I'd seen, so I was intrigued by the story. It's fun to learn some holiday lore and to see it integrated with today's customs and celebrations.

I like the Grumpy Karl and thought he was funny and sweet and loyal to his brother. Lewis was very real and down to earth which made them fit together so well. They had good chemistry and their banter was entertaining. I liked Lewis's family and best friend Jerry. It seemed as if Karl blended with them seamlessly.

Overall, this is a nice holiday read that I'd recommend!

*Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by Dreamspinner Press for my reading pleasure in hopes of an unbiased opinion, a review was not a requirement.*

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