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Release Day Review ~ A Coal Miner's Son by T.A. Chase

Release Day Review ~ A Coal Miner's Son by T.A. Chase

Title: A Coal Miner's Son

Author: T.A. Chase

Release Date: January 4, 2017
Category: Contemporary, States of Love
Pages: 107

James Callahan is the only son of Nicholas Callahan, owner of the Willow Hollow mine in West Virginia—but he’s never considered himself any better than the miners. He’s best friends with Owain Rees, one of the miners’ kids, and he’s been attracted to Cai, Owain’s older brother, for years. James gets the feeling he might not be the only one sensing the tension between them, but Cai avoids him religiously.

Cai has been working the mine since he was sixteen. He acknowledges James is cute, but he’s grown up privileged while Cai’s family has always been working class, and Cai fears that chasm is too wide to cross. When family drama pushes them together, will Cai and James see they’re more alike than they realized?
Take a leap of faith as two men from different worlds, employer and employee, rich and poor, discover that love transcends social barriers.

States of Love: Stories of romance that span every corner of the United States.

4.5 Stars!

So, I was prepared for lots of angst and conflict and the whole back and forth between the two MC's about having a relationship. Instead, I was surprised by very minimal conflict and no angst at all. It was actually a sweet romance without the overly saccharine dialogue.

Cai is the eldest son of a mining family, newly promoted to supervisor, working alongside his father and younger brother. While he's never hidden his sexuality, he definitely doesn't advertise it since their environment inside the mine isn't necessarily very gay-friendly. Although Cai seems to get along with just about anybody, the one person he can't seem to make up his mind about is James.

James has never let the fact that his father owns the mine alter his friendship with his best friend Owain. He loves the town and the people and feels more at home around there than he does in the city. He wishes the folks there wouldn't see him solely as the boss' son. He especially wishes Cai, Owain' older brother didn't seem to avoid him whenever he could.

Both men are surprised when Cai comes to James to talk about family matters and the two are unable to pretend they aren't attracted to one another. From there they are faced with growing feelings and what to do about them while big changes are happening around them.

I truly liked Cai and James and thought they were great together. They may have moved quickly when they got together but after knowing each other almost their entire lives and James being so close to most of Cai's family, it was only natural. I'm wishing we could have gotten to see a bit more of Owain though because I'd like to find out how their dynamic changed.

Overall, the writing was good and the story a quick easy read. I'd definitely recommend A Coal Miner's Son.

*Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by Dreamspinner Press for my reading pleasure in hopes of an unbiased opinion, a review was not a requirement.*

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