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Release Day Review ~ The Mighty Have Fallen by Bonnie Dee

Release Day Review ~ The Mighty Have Fallen by Bonnie Dee

Title: The Mighty Have Fallen

Author: Bonnie Dee

Release Date: January 18, 2016C

Category: Contemporary
Pages: 129 (Novella)

Theatre headliner Trevor Rowland is at the peak of his career when disaster strikes. In one fell swoop, he loses his eyesight, his fame, and his boyfriend, who absconds with most of his money. Trevor must take on a flatmate, hardworking East Ender Jack Burrows, to afford the rent. Anger and bitterness have taken up residence in his heart—but Jack shines light into the shadowy corners with his relentlessly sunny disposition.
Jack introduces Trevor to a local drag club and convinces him he can enjoy the stage again. Trevor’s defences slowly come down as Jack becomes much more than a barely tolerated roommate.
But will Trevor’s fragile trust be destroyed when it appears he’s been manipulated yet again by a man he’s come to care for? Will he reclaim his life or crawl back into a shell of defeat? Trevor must learn to trust not only a man, but himself, once more.

Trevor Rowland was at the height of his career when a sudden illness leaves him blind, with no boyfriend and no money, since said boyfriend fled with everything Trevor had earned as a respected theater actor. His mother finds him a place to live with East Ender Jack Burrows, whose accent and meddling annoys Trevor to no end. Once Jack's words start making sense to Trevor, his feelings for Jack start changing as well. However, is Jack as trustworthy as he appears or is Trevor just fooling himself once again?

I want to be perfectly honest here, when I started this book, I wasn't quite sure what I was getting myself into, but I'd heard Bonnie Dee's name and the blurb sounded intriguing. I liked Jack from the start, even if we just know him through Trevor, he seemed nice and trustworthy, wanting to help Trevor get past his limitations as a blind man and his depression, as well as aid him in finding a new sense of purpose in his life, continually pushing him until Trevor finally started listening to him. The progression from there into a relationship was not without its troubles, but they had great chemistry, despite or maybe because of how different they were.

I found Jack's accent a bit difficult to understand at first, but then around 35% or so into the book, it was like a switch flipped and all my years of reading Highlander romance novels came back to me. Heehee. I knew those would come in handy someday. (Not really) ;)

I loved Trevor, even if he was a bit of a drama queen. After everything he'd gone through, he was more than entitled to that. I loved that once he realized he had options, he started doing what he needed to put them in action, be it with work or just by starting to go out by himself and not rely on Jack or others to help him. The scene with Aurora's debut was simply amazing. The descriptions, the emotion of that scene were so poignant that I found myself crying before I knew what was happening to me.

So, if you're looking for a beautifully written opposites-attract romance, with a realistic plot and progression, this is definitely a great recommendation. You won't regret giving Trevor and Jack a chance.

Rating: 4.5 Stars!!!

***Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by Dreamspinner Press for my reading pleasure, a review wasn't a requirement.***

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