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Release Day Review ~ Jaeger (Order of the Black Knights: Book Four) by Evelise Archer

Release Day Review ~ Jaeger (Order of the Black Knights: Book Four) by Evelise Archer

Title: Jaeger

Series: Order of the Black Knights: Book Four
Author: Evelise Archer
Release Date: February 10, 2017
Category: Mystery/Suspense, Fantasy: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 200

US Marshal Jaeger Tripp is assigned to the Federal Witness Protection Program. The hurt and destruction he’s seen—along with protecting criminals who are only cooperating with the authorities to keep themselves out of jail—have left him with a bleak and jaded view of both life and people. His current assignment is Wren O’Riley, a computer wizard who witnessed a high-profile cartel hit.
To Jaeger, Wren is the same as any other job. He must protect him long enough to get him to testify at trial, and his personal feelings have no place in his work and must be set aside. But that’s easier said than done. On the run and fighting for their lives, Jaeger and Wren can’t help but grow closer. And Jaeger can’t help seeing beyond Wren’s nerdy exterior to a man who might be just what Jaeger needs to settle his soul and capture his heart—if they survive long enough to get that chance.

3.5 Stars 

Jaeger Tripp works as a US Marshal assigned to help protect some of the worst people who've decided to save themselves by testifying against those just like them. They don't deserve to be walking away free in his mind, yet that's not his decision to make. His only objective is to protect them. When he's assigned to protect an important witness in a Cartel case, he has no intention of making nice. This Wren O’Riley is just as bad as the men he's testifying against and if he needs to, Jaeger will be more than happy to end him.

Unfortunately, personal and professional feelings aside, Jaeger can't deny he's attracted to Wren in a way he's never experienced in the past. He's not the only one, though. Wren is just as drawn to Jaeger as Jaeger is to him. Wren has secrets and he needs to trust Jaeger enough to tell him, otherwise neither of them will make it out of this alive.

This is probably my least favorite book in the series. It's not a matter of not being well written because the writing was fine for the most part, although I was not a fan of the sexy talk, I thought that was a bit over-the-top and cheesy.

I think my biggest problem was just not falling in love with or connecting with the characters. I didn't like the vibe that I got from Jaeger in the beginning of the book and it never really changed throughout the entire story. Plus, honestly, I was kind of indifferent to Wren. He just didn't really stand out to me. The story itself just didn't grip me like the others and I wish that it did because I have really enjoyed this series and I can't wait for the next book to come out.

*Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by Dreamspinner Press for my reading pleasure in hopes of an unbiased opinion, a review was not a requirement.*

3.5 Stars 

This had a decent premise, a great start, then jumped a few steps in the falling in love/lust/romance stuff, but ended in a HEA. Can't wait for Jaeger's fellow Knights' tales.

I've read many het romances with a WITSEC type setting, but this was my first MM read. It is well-written, has an unusual premise and has two very decent, but very different leads, and has just enough...mystique...where chance for redemption found/chance for redemption lost comes into play, to make me go, 'aaah' at the end when the guys found each other - again. Please feel free to read more into the words, 'mystique' and 'again', as both are relevant!

This tale is a bit hard to review, as just one word could spoil it for readers, but here goes: there's more than meets the eye with Jaeger, and his name, which means 'hunter' in German, which is rather apt. He's the kind of guy who gives his all to his mission, who (mainly, until his sex brain takes over in one bit, lol!) trusts his instincts more than he trusts people and rules, and who will do anything he needs to keep his charge safe. So, yes, he takes his witness, Wren, to a safe place that turns out to perhaps not be as safe as it was thought to be.

The tale works and it's aided by a certain...mysterious connection between the leads, and it's not long before they're getting it on. The getting it on bit came out of the blue, and I actually had to go back and re-read in case I'd missed the dance that led to this point, but there was no dance. It was suddenly there, and yes, due to the premise of the tale and its pace, I bought their attraction. The sex was hot, but I went back and checked all of the scenes, and it's the same action time and time again, almost to the point of cutting and pasting scenes - Jaeger seems to have a very repetitive MO where sex is concerned, which spoilt the tale a little, as if the author couldn't quite find the words to describe the different times the guys had sex.

Both guys have secrets, and Wren comes clean as their connection grows, but Jaeger's are more the secrets of dreams than IRL. Because of both guys' secrets, things come out that surprise them both - but not me, I'm afraid. From the mention of a certain event, I was totally clued into how the tale would pan out, and yes, it made the mission go a bit off-kilter. Well, actually, a lot off-kilter, but then the element I can't tell you about kicks in, and next thing, the leads are once again in each other's life, and things are becoming clear. I did feel that acceptance of said element I can't tell you about, came too quickly on both guys' parts, but only because the tale felt as if it were rushing to an ending. Had this perhaps been about another 20 or even 10 pages longer, with some more talk, some more explanations, some more understanding, some more questioning and at least some mention of how the guys' lives would be going forward, I'd have given this a 4* rating.

Still, it was a decent enough read for me to want to track down the other tales in the series and find out how the other Knights get their tales. Bummer, I've just checked, and the rest are coming soon, so I will have to learn patience!

ARC courtesy of Dreamspinner Press and Bayou Book Junkie, for my reading pleasure.

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