Monday, February 6, 2017

Release Day Review ~ Weight For Happiness by Jason Collins


Jeremy Johnson has struggled with his weight most of his life, but his recent gain has finally made him realize that he’s ready for something new. Deciding to make a change for the better, he dedicates himself to implementing a new diet and exercise program that he hopes will whip him into shape. He makes himself a promise that he intends to keep, but it doesn’t help that he’s working for a food-focused blog where he spends his days writing about delicious, forbidden food that he knows he’s not supposed to indulge in.

But when the blog he writes for is purchased by a fitness company, he realizes he’s going to be the odd man out among his new fit, attractive coworkers. On his first day, he meets the infamous Ryan Bennett, a man known for his dedication to all things fitness. Muscles, cockiness, and a trademark smile all seem natural to Ryan, but no one seems to know if he’s attracted to men or women.
With encouragement from Ryan, Jeremy decides to shape up his life, work on his attitude, and rebuild his physique, but he soon discovers that it isn’t as easy as he originally thought. While maneuvering his way toward a new lifestyle, he watches as Ryan charms and teases every man – and woman – in his vicinity. But when Jeremy senses a flirtatious vibe from Ryan, he’s forced to choose between allowing his weight to define him or ditching his old insecurities for a shot at something exciting.

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4 Stars

Jeremy works as a blogger for The Forward Foodie, an online food blog, but working from home has left him lax with his diet and exercise regimen and he has put on about 40lbs. Now that The Forward Foodie has been bought out by GreenCorp, a healthy living blog, Jeremy is faced with working with a group of healthy and fit people. From the moment he looks at the site and spots Ryan, one of his new co-workers, he has a crush on him, but why would Ryan, who is beautiful, healthy and fit reciprocate that interest?

I see a lot of myself in Jeremy. I'm a very insecure person and although he got on my nerves at times, I know Jeremy. I am Jeremy in many ways. Jason did a wonderful job at tapping into that insecurity and bringing Jeremy to life. The author either did a ton of research, or he has experienced this first hand.

This was a quick and fast-paced read. The characters were likable for the most part, but the romance takes a back seat in this story. This was definitely Jeremy's story. The book was enjoyable, but as I've said in the past, the author's writing style is too formal. His word choices are not words you'd use in an everyday conversation and I found myself replacing phrases as I was reading. As a beta reader, I'm a firm believer in them and I really think the author could benefit from having a good beta reader or two.

All in all, this was an enjoyable read. There is a part of the storyline that's a little far-fetched, but it's fiction, so that's okay. Recommendable!

*Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by the author/publisher for my reading pleasure, a review wasn't a requirement.*

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