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Release Blitz ~ Viper by J.J. Marstead (Series Reviews)



What the hell was I thinking? If someone would've told me I would be involved with a male-whore biker like Viper, I would've said they were crazy. But here I am having feelings for someone I know I shouldn't be with. He's been trying to be with me for months. And for months I was strong and resisted. But one day stupid me, agreed. I mean what the hell, right? How bad could it be? After that, my decision comes back to bite me big time. It's not the greatest, but can I really regret being with Viper? There's something about him that makes it hard to stay away from him.


Man, this woman makes me want to strangle her or drop her like a bad habit, whichever comes first. I swear there are days where I don't know if I'm talking to her or her split personality. One day everything is good and she's wonderful, everything I've ever wanted, but then the shit hits the fan. The going back and forth is enough to drive anyone insane but I still want her. Am I under some spell or completely out of my mind? Whatever it is, I don’t know if I’m coming or going with her. But then something comes back to bite me where it fucking hurts the most. It's enough to destroy everything I want with Tammy. How can we move past this? Will she be able to forgive me and love me as I love her?

3 Stars (That's being very generous) 

What I Loved: I'm a sucker for Alpha men and babies. I love it! Viper definitely steps up as a father who loves his children and his woman. He doesn't shy away from being there during the pregnancies and the doctor's appointments or even in the delivery room when the time comes. He obviously was meant to be a dad.

What I Liked: The premise of the story. There was so much potential here for a great MC book. Viper and the woman he loves are finally about to have everything they wanted, a baby, a great house, the whole happily ever after. Only due to a mistake while Viper and Tammy were on the outs, Viper now has another baby on the way with a club girl. Talk about drama! There could have been some truly great scenes between all three characters trying to deal with this type of situation. There were a lot of emotions about it all but they weren't completely explored in detail for the reader to see and experience.

What I Didn't Like: One of the biggest issues I had with Ace is the time jumping, floating back and forth between past and present. I'd hoped we wouldn't have that in Viper but unfortunately we did (in the beginning) which I have to be honest, made this story harder to connect with for me. When that finally stopped and the story started to unfold as we were reading, instead of smooth transitions of time, we had time stamps before paragraphs. Thirty minutes later, two weeks later, fifteen minutes later, etc... This was so not needed and again lessened the smooth continuity that the story otherwise could have had.

My other problem was how we got a million details about certain things and then no detail about other things. It seemed as if every sex scene was drawn out in every possible detail but the scenes I really wanted, the ones truly pivotal to the little bit of plot, were brushed over.

I have to be honest here. Yes, there is potential here for a decent story but there are so many issues with the execution that I have to wonder, was there a beta reader? What about the editor? What happened in the process of creating this story? Was there any research done on pregnancy and what happens at each doctor's visit? *SPOILER* 2 and 3 months is too early to determine sex of a baby. This is generally done around 18 weeks and even then it may be hard to tell.

Also, what man has unprotected sex with a club girl? Are you deranged? Why would Tammy allow him to have unprotected sex with her after that? No, just no!

When I read MC Romance, I want to see the MC. I want the author somehow to pull the lifestyle into the story. I want action and suspense, some grit and emotion. I don't mind sweet but I need something to offset that as well. There are many parts of this story where we could've gotten that but it never truly panned out. We got sex, lots of sex. We got Viper talking like a biker but other than that I felt like this was just a story of a man (who happens to belong to a motorcycle club who had two kids by two different women. One he loves while the other was a one night stand gone wrong.

I'm not sure I can recommend this book. I would love to see the author go back and rework it first. 

***Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by the author/publisher for my reading pleasure in hopes of an unbiased opinion, a review was not a requirement.***

3 Stars 

This book definitely has potential but it also needs a bit of work. There are some editing issues as well as some continuity issues. There is a part in the book where Ace asks Allison's age and she says she'll be nineteen in a month. Then when the same scene is shown from Ace's POV, she says she'll be 19 in a few months. While this might seem like a small thing, there are quite a few of these throughout the book.

There were also too many times that I found myself confused about the timeframe of the story. There is a lot of jumping around and it made it hard at times to get into the story. I also did not care for the way that the scenes were shown twice just in different POV's, it seemed like I was constantly reading the same things twice. I found it monotonous.

I liked Ace, even if his character seemed to float back and forth between Alpha Biker and overly sweet accommodating boyfriend. He was definitely a character I wouldn't mind seeing again. Allison, however, drove me crazy. While I know she was only 18, she was way too immature. It was like she was a little kid playing grown up. I wish her character would have been in her early twenties with some adult experience. Her sister Tammy, though, I really liked. She was feisty and spoke her mind for the most part and she loved Allison. She was probably my favorite character in the book.

Do I think there is potential? Yes!

Will I try the next book in the series? Maybe.

Overall, this was an okay first book and I hope J.J. Marstead will continue to write and hone her craft.

J.J. Marstead lives in a quiet little town in Quebec, Canada. 
She is originally from a small Island in Canada called ‘Prince Edward Island’.
J.J. Marstead is the pen name; she wanted to have a pen name because it seemed pretty awesome.

Her real name is Jessica Martell, and no she is not ashamed of writing.
She loves to read and now she has taking up writing as a new adventure. 
She’s a stay at home mom, so she has plenty of time to think of naughty things to write.

Married to the love of her life of nine years, they have a lovely daughter who is seven years old, and they have two dogs, full house.

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