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Release Blitz: Dominic (Cerberus MC #4) by Marie James (Series Review + Giveaway)


Title: Dominic
Series: Cerberus MC #4
Author: Marie James
Genre: Contemporary Romance/MC
Release Date: May 11, 2017


Dominic Anderson knows exactly what he wants in life: simplicity, safety, and solidarity with his brothers. He’s vowed to spend each day living his life exactly how he chooses since the day his wife betrayed him and his four year military career turned into twenty.

Returning home after retirement from the Marines, he’s traded the sand in the Middle East for that of the New Mexico desert, Humvees for a motorcycle, and the comradery of men in uniform for the occasional woman at his feet.

Life was perfect until Makayla “Poison” Evans, Renegade MC Princess, knocked on his door, bruises on her face, neck, and arms, and no money to pay the cab driver. Pink hair, perfect body, and a mouth that Dom yearned to teach a million lessons, Mak asks more from him than he’s conceded to a woman in decades.

She needs his help, his protection, and against his better judgment, she expects him to keep her secrets. Only her secrets are deadly, dangerous, and have the potential to start a war between two MCs.

At what point does safeguarding a woman become a betrayal to the men Dominic calls his family? More importantly, can he get back the sanctity of his home once Makayla is no longer in the picture, or will he be forever tainted by her poison? 


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4.75 Stars!

What I Loved: First and foremost, I loved Dom and his mega Alpha personality. He had some real a**hole moments but, pushing those aside, he was enormously sexy as well as a truly good man. If it weren't for some of his kinks, I dare say he might be my next book boyfriend. I even loved the man's house.

I loved Mak too. She came off a bit cocky in the very beginning (so I wasn't sure I was going to like her) but that quickly changed and her vulnerability endeared her to me. She was a great match for Dom. Strong and resilient yet in need of being taken care of in the way Dom needs. I like what she brings to the whole group of Ol' Ladies, as well. She's got that more hardened, more experienced personality to fit in with the MC.

What I Liked: The story overall was really well done. I was a little shocked at where the author took the Renegade MC but I really loved how it was resolved (even if it was a little quick). I'm kinda hoping that we'll get to see more from the Renegade MC, maybe their own series *coughs* hint hint.

What I Didn't Like: Okay, so in all honesty the reason this book is only getting 4.75 Stars as opposed to 5 is because I am not a fan of reading a book and finding out it is BDSM. I can read them and even enjoy some of them if I am aware going in that they are BDSM. If I am surprised by it, though, then it bothers me because it's not my preference in romance. Especially if the BDSM includes choking and pain (I do not do pain).

In the end, while I didn't love a lot of the sex, the scenes in the beginning were pretty steamy. Before the true kink came out, I was liking how passionate they were. Mak and Dom have outstanding chemistry so their interactions were always smoldering with just the right amount of tension and, at times, tenderness. Dom has a great combination of sexy, confident dominance and sweet tender sincerity.  When he really started showing his vulnerability with Mak, I actually felt his emotion. That's what has stuck with me even after finishing the book 2 days earlier. Out of everything that's happened in this series, that's what's resonated with me.

Overall, I definitely recommend Dominic. This book is well written and is a great addition to the series. I'm not going to lie, I am totally "chomping at the bit" to read the next book in the series. I am so excited I'm not sure I can wait. Snatch and Itchy! WooHoo! *happy dances*

All books are free in Kindle Unlimited and copies were provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure. A review wasn't a requirement.



#1 Kincaid – FREE for a VERY limited time!


4.5 Stars!

It's not too often that I read a Motorcycle Club book that doesn't revolve around one percenters, I have to say it was a pretty entertaining story and I'm an instant fan.

What I Loved: Kincaid is pretty much perfect. The definition of Alpha but with a certain level of softness and sweetness (probably not the best adjectives to use when describing a badass biker but, oh well).  This man may make a few mistakes with Em but overall, he's great with her and his club. I also like that while he wasn't a choir boy when it came to women in the club, he had limited interactions with them. It was fairly natural for him to want something meaningful with Em.

The Guys, talk about a lovable group of Bikers, I pretty much loved them all (except for disgusting Wrench) and am pretty excited to read all of their stories. 

What I Liked: I really liked this story and while it wasn’t completely unique from other books with this theme, Marie James did a wonderful job adding her own fresh take on it to keep me engrossed the entire time. Diego aka Kincaid meets Emmalyn in a bar where she is a waitress. He's immediately attracted to her and can tell she feels the same but a quick glimpse of the wedding band she wears has him backing off. Soon after, Diego sees Emmalyn's husband slap her and he quickly steps in.  Before he can give it another thought, Diego has her on the back of his bike and is taking her somewhere safe. It doesn't take much to convince Em to go back with him to his club so she can get away from the abusive husband and get a fresh start. Of course, Emmalyn has no idea how her life will completely change when she's introduced to Diego's club. It could be the best thing to ever happen to either of them if they can navigate how they fit into each other's lives.

What I Didn't Like: One of my biggest pet peeves with these types of books are the “Club Girls”. I hate that they are always the skankiest women the author can come up with, not to mention, horrible and either crazy or stupid. It doesn't matter how many times the H tells her she won't be his old lady, she still tries to stake her claim. Of course, they always end up doing something horrible to the h and act like the H isn't going to give them grief for it. It's stupid and overdone. 

I also can't stand how the h always takes a look at the club girl and believes what comes out of their mouth. Stand up for yourself, put the skank in her place!  Do you really think after every person in the club has screwed her, that your man is going to choose her over you? Trust me babe, there's a reason these women aren't someone's old lady, they never will be. Ugh! Just punch her in the throat and get on with your life. 

Overall, I really enjoyed Kincaid. This is my first Marie James book and obviously won't be my last. I love her writing style and can't wait to see what she has in store for the rest of the men in the Cerberus MC.  

#2 Kid


3 Stars

What I Loved: Kid is one of my favorite men in this MC (I love all of them but Kid just charmed me) so I was excited at him falling for one person and ditching his bed-hopping ways. He's a charmer and you can't help but love that. 

I, of course, love Kincaid and Emmalyn being such a visible presence in this story, along with the rest of the guys. However, Snatch definitely melts my heart, too (Geez, I can’t make up my mind over who I love more) and I so hope he gets his own book soon.

What I Liked: I like when men make mistakes, realize they messed up and are sincere in their apologies. Kid messes up big time but I'm glad that he doesn't just easily brush it off.

What I Didn't Like: Ok, sit back and get comfortable because I’m about to get up on my soapbox for a minute or two (I apologize in advance). May/December or Age Gap isn't normally a problem for me. What I find a problem with, however, is an H who is 24 lusting after a h who's 17 years old (1 month shy of 18). Just because someone hits the magic one eight doesn't mean they are suddenly an adult, at least emotionally. I love Kid, I really do, but, while yes, he tries his hardest to wait, I don't feel comfortable with their relationship. To make matters worse, I do not like the way she plays with him and teases him to try to tempt him. She knows he wants to wait but she still pushes.

There is a scene that just hammers in the age issue that I absolutely hated.

“I wouldn’t send any… you know… naked pictures to Kid. Since you’re still under eighteen and the information bounces off all sorts of cell towers before it makes it to your destination, it could possibly be considered child pornography in some states,” he warns.  (Snatch to Khloe after giving her a new cellphone).

I really dislike when authors make adult books with one of the MCs still teenaged. My personal preference unless reading YA or NA is 21 and over.  I’m not stupid or naive, I know this stuff happens in real life but, for me, personally, I don’t like it.

"That kind of love is something every woman deserves. It’s the kind of love I never even imagined for myself. I didn’t allow it..." -Khloe

You're 17! What kind of life could you possibly imagine for yourself? You're still a child!

"Jealousy and greed were never a part of the unorthodox relationship I had with Alec, and they never would be since there was only a friendship of the deepest kind. I know in my heart I could’ve married Alec and been happy living my days out with my best friend. His death has shattered my already pieced together heart.

Then Kid came along. I never knew what I was missing in any type of relationship until him. We haven’t had sex. Hell, his hands haven’t been on anything I’d consider even remotely sexual, but the connection I have to him is undeniable. These feelings, although they scare the living shit out of me, I can’t imagine what it would be like to not have found that."-Khloe

Again, she's speaking as if she's had a lifetime of experience with love and relationships. She's 17 years old and had one relationship that was not at all typical. She really thinks she can make assumptions about the rest of her life when she's barely had the chance to live in the first place? It's irritating.

I would've enjoyed this book so much more had the h been at a minimum 20 years old but preferably at least 23.  Maybe it's me and I'm getting old but I just don't buy it when Khloe is only 17 and he's 24.

Overall, I am sad to say that I really didn't care for this particular book in the series. This is a personal preference and if the age difference isn't a turnoff for you, I'm sure you'll really enjoy it. 

#3 Shadow


4.5 Stars!

Okay, this one is a hard one. The story is great no doubt about it, but the characters?! One minute I'm pissed at them, the next I love them. They both made mistakes, they both were wrong but at the same time it was also completely understandable. So, with that said...

What I Loved: Okay, it's pretty much a given that I'm going to melt if there is a baby or small child involved. So yep, I loved it!

I also loved how the struggle Misty goes through over her pregnancy was portrayed. It was very realistic and I felt the emotion that was being described. With such desperate circumstances, Misty’s decisions made a hell of a lot of sense. 

I loved the club and the direction in seems to be taking as far as the clubhouse. I don't know why but it kind of made me giddy to see these men making choices that didn't revolve around the club girls or their freedom to behave, however, they perceived their Biker lifestyle afforded them. We saw a little bit of that typical MC clubhouse mentality in Kid but it's been pretty lacking in both Kincaid and this current book and I can't say I'm too disappointed about that.

I also have to admit I love the fact that I'm already desperately curious about more of the brothers and their stories. Particularly Snatch and Itchy as well as Ace and Butch from the Renegades.

What I Liked: I really liked the Epilogue. It gave a glimpse of the future and left it open for some fun possibilities.

I also really like the writing. Marie James has done a really great job with keeping my interest not only in the book I'm reading but also all of the characters. I am definitely a fan of this series and will be checking out more of her books as well.

What I Didn't Like: there really isn't much to complain about as far as this story is concerned. I was a bit disappointed that we didn't get to see a character from the beginning of the book (I don't want to spoil anything). I was kind of hoping she might somehow become integrated into the story. I wouldn't mind seeing her get a happy ending.

Overall, I really enjoyed Shadow and would definitely recommend it. I also think this is a wonderful series for those who haven't read Biker books but are interested in MC Romance and are a bit apprehensive at reading the dark and gritty stories that are so popular. 


Marie James is a full-time working mother of two amazing little boys and wife of almost 13 years. She enjoys reading in her spare time, and diet coke is always near. Central Texas is where Marie calls home and has lived most of her life. With 13 published books under her belt, she has no desire to stop writing anytime soon and has dozens of book ideas to keep her busy. 



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