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Release Day Review: Owning It by Riley Hart & Devon McCormack

Owning It 
by Riley Hart & Devon McCormack

Just out of an eighteen-year marriage, the last thing Jackson expects the first time he visits a gay bar is for a sexy, drunk twink to mistakenly climb into his Jeep. The twink part he’s good with, the drunk part…not so much. As far as Jackson’s concerned, the boy should come with a warning label. But Derek is not as flighty as Jackson thought…he’s actually pretty incredible. Getting to know the wild, funny man is a breath of fresh air. And when Derek calls him Daddy? Christ, he never thought something like that would feel so right.

Derek has serious daddy issues, and his name is Jackson. He’s stubborn and controlling…and ever since Derek woke up in the silver fox’s condo, he can’t get Jackson out of his mind. Maybe because no matter how many times he throws himself at him, Jackson doesn’t take the bait. And maybe because Jackson is the one person who sees him for who he really is. But Derek loves a challenge, and he’s eager to rock Jackson’s world.

Jackson isn’t interested in a meaningless hookup. He wants the real Derek, not just the sassy jokester everyone else sees. But it’s not easy for Derek to open up. He feels much safer guarding his heart. And Jackson needs to figure out the balance between living for himself and the mountain of responsibilities weighing him down. Derek and Jackson must find the common ground between hookup and commitment—if they can’t own their issues and work together to overcome their faults, they could smother the flame between them that’s just beginning to ignite.

Owning It is Book 3 in the Metropolis series by Riley Hart and Devon McCormack.  Though each book could probably be read individually, I think more enjoyment will be had if the series is read in the appropriate reading order.  Plus, this is a terrific series so why skip all the deliciousness that these two authors create?

Let me tell you a little something about myself, I hate spoilers for books so when it comes to one of my favorite authors, I know nothing about the book before starting it.  All those beautiful Tuesday Teasers the authors work so hard on, sorry, but I don't read them!  I started this book without knowing anything about the book, other than the hot cover the authors debuted.  And, I don't want to get sidetracked, but please take a moment to check out that cover.  Holy. Freaking. Hotness.  Anyway....  We've met Derek previously in the series, the surface Derek.  Underneath all the fun, partying, happy bottom boy surface is an old soul looking for an anchor in this world.  Derek keeps hidden away how sweet, loving and caring he is.  He keeps his rough childhood hidden, and his daily struggle at losing the one family member that has always loved and supported him.  But Derek is also reckless and doesn't consider the consequences of some of his actions when he's been drinking, which is how he meets Jackson.  

Jackson is trying to find his place in this new world without drowning in his old behaviors.  Jackson is a carer.  He works as a paramedic and takes care of people in his line of work; he takes care of his ex-wife, he takes care of his son, and he takes care of his mother, who is in a nursing home.  Jackson spends all his time focusing on others, that he rarely takes the time to care for himself.  Jackson is stubborn, set in his ways, controlling and is able to see beyond the surface behavior Derek shows the world.  He has set views of the world, but Derek is pushing him outside his comfort zone.

The chemistry and flirting between Jackson and Derek is off the charts (and the pages)!  Unlike other books by these authors, it takes a while to get to naked time, but that doesn't mean the foreplay isn't happening throughout the first half of the book.  Derek is fun, sassy and most of the time what comes out of his mouth is filthy!  (Honestly, I wondered if this character had a lot of the qualities of Devon McCormack!  Maybe his public FB persona?).  I absolutely adored Derek and though I didn't feel as strongly about Jackson at first, Derek totally took me along for his feelings of Daddy Jackson.  Typically, I'm a little creeped out by daddy kink, but it worked so well in this book that I didn't mind it, at all.  If there was ever a Daddy/boy kink couple, it's Jackson and Derek!  

I don't like to pick favorites, especially when it comes to books, BUT, I think this is my favorite book of this series.  I adored Derek and absolutely wanted every happiness life could give him.  So, if you love books full of fun, foreplay, wit, age gap, daddy kink, steamy, smoking, burning up the pages naked time, and perfect little twinks, this book is a must read!   Honestly, you just need to read Jackson and Derek's story and fall in love with the characters like I did!

**ARC provided by the author for my reading pleasure in hopes of an unbiased opinion, a review was not a requirement**

Rating:  5++++++ stars!

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