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AotM: Fighting His Fire by Ann Lister (Review+Giveaway)

Fighting His Fire

(The Rock Gods #6)

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Locked-down at a Los Angeles intervention facility, everyone around Dante Dupont and his Black Ice band mate, Ashton Lane, thought this would fix the issues between them. Dante and Ashton knew differently. What made this a hundred times worse was the fact they were stuck in this room together. They hadn't shared space like this since the one afternoon they both wanted to forget. And, revisiting that nightmare was not an option . . . with or without the help of a therapist.

Two musicians. Same band. Afraid to admit their true feelings, being in close quarters again has them both at their breaking point. They say if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen, but neither of them can find a reason to leave, and fighting the fire is becoming more and more difficult to do.

Dante's baggage isn't pretty and his scars run deep, but Ashton might be the one to finally see beyond his past and help him find a way out from the smoke screen he's spent his life hiding behind. In order to get there, though, they'll both have to walk through the flames.

5+ Stars

*copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by author/publisher for my reading pleasure, a review wasn't a requirement.*

Omg, I've been sitting on the edge of my seat waiting somewhat patiently for this book. I couldn't wait to get to Dante and Ashton's story. Ann definitely made it worth my wait. I loved Dante and Ashton. Two men who are thrown into an intervention, because all they do is fight, both with words and fists. They go too far when a Police Officer is injured. Will an intervention work? Will they be able to be civil to one another, and maybe even repair their damaged friendship?

Ashton and Dante are different than the other couples in the Rock Gods series. The attraction and chemistry is wild, bordering on animalistic. Dante and Ashton aren't sweet and tender. They are rough and tough, but the fire, love and passion they share still shines through brightly. They were also hilarious! I haven't laughed out loud while reading a book in a long time. This book dealt with a very serious subject matter, though. I'm not going to say what, but just that Ann handled the subject matter with grace and dignity.

I love Ann's writing. She pulls you in and holds you captivated, until you get to the ending. These stories are filled with passion, love, friendship and some major HOT man on man action. I can't wait for Linc's book!


Ann Lister is a native New Englander currently living on the island of Martha's Vineyard with her husband. She has pulled details from her years living in the New England area and uses many local settings and landmarks in her novels.

After graduating art school, marrying, and raising two daughters, she established her own video production company. Her nearly two decades working in video production included work within the music industry and won her a coveted Telly Award. Her 'behind-the-scenes' exposure to the music world and her love of rock music is the inspiration for her erotic rock star romances.

The Rock Gods series gave her Bestselling Author status on Amazon. Beyond The Music, Book 7 in the series, reached #1 in Gay Erotica in the Pre-Order and held that spot for several weeks. The last book in the series launches the spin-off series, Guarding The Gods, which is releasing in early summer 2016.

Fall For Me, Book One in the series was a Finalist in the 2013 Rainbow Award. Each book in this series brings her two favorite elements together: musicians and the love between two men. These stories focus on what it truly means to love; love unconditionally, love without restrictions or labels, love without fear or judgment – to just simply love.


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