Thursday, June 22, 2017

Book Review: Finding His Place by Nic Starr

Finding His Place by Nic Starr

Sometimes finding your place in the world can lead to love.

Kieran Walters is the illegitimate son of a successful businessman. Despite striving to win his father’s affection, a confrontation that has been years in the making leaves Kieran devastated to realize he will never be good enough. Jealous of the half brother he’s never met, and who most likely doesn’t know of his existence, Kieran vows to find out what makes his brother so special in their father’s eyes.

Darius Jensen manages a nightclub. He loves his job, but is reluctant to commit when given the opportunity to become a partner. His previous foray into business ownership with a boyfriend had disastrous results, and Darius is still paying the price, both financially and emotionally.

When Kieran starts working with Darius at Sparks, Darius shows him it’s not too late for Kieran to realize his dreams—the fulfilling career, a loving family, and someone who loves him for who he is. If only Kieran can convince Darius of the same thing. But before Kieran’s and Darius’s dreams can come true, Kieran needs to come clean with his brother and deal with the resulting fallout… which threatens his relationship with Darius.

4 Stars
Kieran is curious about his brother. Being the product of an affair, his brother isn't even aware he exists, and although his mother and father are still seeing one another, Kieran's father doesn't acknowledge Kieran or want anything to do with him. When he applies for a job at Sparks, the club owned by his aforementioned brother, he meets the manager of the club, Darius. The attraction is immediate, but Darius has been hurt in the past, plus now that Kieran is his employee, Darius keeps it professional. That is until one drunken night out breaks down Darius' defenses and gives him the courage to go after what or rather who he wants.

I liked Kieran, but his relationship with his mother frustrated me. He let his mother walk all over him when it came to his father. I have absolutely no respect whatsoever for his mother. I don't care how much you love a man/woman, if they treat your child—who is their child as well—like shit, and you continue to see them, then you are a crappy parent. Besides his relationship with his mother, I liked Kieran. He was sweet, kind, caring and helpful, doing things like taking the time to help a new co-worker with his school work and I loved that about him.

While Darius was likable as well, I found his character wasn't as well developed. What I got to know I liked and I respected him for keeping a professional distance from Kieran until he couldn't anymore.
This was a sweet and easy read. It moved at a good pace and the author managed to integrate her characters with the characters of The Breakfast Club Series by Felice Stevens well. Kieran and Darius and good chemistry and it extended into the sheets. While I loved getting to visit with the guys from the Breakfast Club, this can be read as a standalone. An enjoyable read I'd recommend!!

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  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review. So glad you enjoyed it :)