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Release Day Blitz: Going Commando by K.M. Neuhold ~ (Reviews + Excerpt)

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Heathens Ink, Book 2
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“I never thought I could want anyone as much as I wanted Nash, then I met you”~Royal
When I was sixteen I was afflicted with a terrible curse...I fell in love with my straight best friend. I never thought I’d move past my feelings for Nash and find someone who could love me in return, until the day a gorgeous marine plopped himself down in my chair and asked me to ink him. I’m falling fast for Zade, but my feelings for Nash are still very real. When life starts getting complicated and Nash speaks the words I never thought I’d hear, the only thing I want is for us to find a way to make this work...together.

“What if I told you, you'd never have to choose?”~Zade
I thought I’d stay in the marines for life, that was the plan. But after a traumatic event I couldn’t make myself re-enlist when my contract was up. Confused and unsure what to do next I called up my best friend for a place to stay. What I didn’t count on was my best friend’s boyfriend practically throwing a sexy tattoo artist at me to keep me busy. Royal is everything I’ve ever wanted and his roommate, Nash, is starting to grow on me, too. 

  “A few weeks ago I thought I was straight. Now I'm sandwiched between two sweaty men. Can't say I do anything half-assed.” ~Nash
Of course I’ve noticed that my best friend, Royal is crazy good looking. I have eyes, that doesn’t mean I’m into guys. Although, when I start to notice that his new boyfriend, Zade, is pretty hot too, that makes me start to question things a little. Not to mention the dreams I keep having of the three of us together. I’m willing to try if they are. **This is NOT a love triangle, just good old fashioned man-on-man-on-man love **Every book in the Heathens Ink series can be read as a stand-alone, but it’s way more fun to read them in order.

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His cheeks flame red and that’s all the answer I need. I lunge at him, claiming his lips with my own, savoring the sweet taste. Sure, I’ve sucked his dick a few times, but I’ve never been allowed to kiss him before. To my relief he relaxes into the kiss, his lips parting, and his hands fisting the front of my shirt.

Nash let’s out a whimper as I flick my tongue along his bottom lip before plunging it into his mouth. To my surprise he sucks my tongue and then grabs me by the hair, tilts my head back, and deepens the kiss.  Holy fuck this boy can kiss. I moan into his mouth, as his hands begin to fumble with my jeans.

“Wait,” I gasp reluctantly as my brain chooses a few seconds too late to remind me that not only do I have a boyfriend, he’s in a sex coma in the next room while I suck my roommate’s face off. “Fuck, I shouldn’t have done that.”
Nash frowns and touches his fingers to his lips, like he’s trying to hang on to the sensation of the kiss. Another jolt of lust hits me in the gut.

“I’m going to go to bed and we’ll finish talking about this in the morning, okay?”
Nash nods but doesn’t say anything as I dart for my room before I can do any other stupid shit.

Zade is still sound asleep, but as I pull the covers back and climb in beside him, he rolls towards me and wraps me in his arms.

My heart constricts. If you’d have told me two months ago that Nash might be bi and have feelings for me, I’d have been jumping for joy. Part of me still is. I mean, fuck, I’ve loved the man for eight years. He’s everything I thought I always wanted.

Laying here in Zade’s arms, it’s not as easy as it should be to be excited about Nash. I haven’t known Zade long, but my feelings for him are just as real as my feelings for Nash. I can’t choose between them, it would be impossible. They’re so different, but both exactly what I need.

Zade is strong and fierce, but needs me to soothe something deep inside of him. He’s sarcastic and up for anything. I never thought I’d meet a man who’d be willing to face down any challenge I could throw at him, and level me with challenges of his own.
Then there’s Nash. He’s my best friend, my hero, the man who’s held my heart since I was sixteen. Nash is kind and quiet. He calms the chaos I love to create. He levels me out. And, he needs me too.

I want them both in every possible way. I’ll never be able to choose.

4 Stars

We met Royal, Nash and Zade in book 1 of the Heathens Ink series, and while technically you can read this book as a standalone, I suggest reading them in order.

Royal has been in love with his straight best friend Nash since he was 16-years-old, although they had threesomes with women in the past, he doesn't think they'll ever be more than friends. He's attracted to Zade, Thane's best friend, and they start dating. Nash starts dreaming about Royal, finally coming to the realization that he reciprocates Royal's feelings. Royal is drawn to Zade and in love with Nash and he doesn't want to have to choose between them, but what if he doesn't need to?

Okay, so first I'll say, I'm not much of fan of menage, but I really liked Royal in book 1 and wanted to read his story. Unfortunately, while Royal, Nash and Zade had a lot of chemistry, the triad felt a bit forced to me. I liked Royal and Zade together, they seemed to be going in the right direction and I loved Royal and Nash because of the whole history they had and they made sense as a couple. I wasn't too sure about Zade and Nash, who were just kind of thrown together by the circumstances. Or if the whole thing was as balanced as it should be. It's undeniable they were hot together, but as a relationship it didn't quite work for me. The sex, though, oh my god, it was hotter than hot!

I found the Liam storyline a bit underdeveloped, I just wanted more of it. I loved catching up with Thane and Madden and of course, the rest of the Heathens Ink guys.

Overall, the story is well-written and fun, with a lot of sexy times and some drama thrown in for good measure. While Rescue Me is still my favorite in the series, this was a good, entertaining read. I'm so looking forward to Adam's story now!

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn't a requirement. ***

4 Stars!

This is Book 2 in the Heathens Ink series. We first met Royal, Nash and Zade while we were getting Madden and Thane's story. Royal and Nash have been best friends forever. Over the years their friendship has deepened into something beyond just friends and while they may not have a label for it and Nash has no clue what it even really means, it's obvious the two men are meant to be in each other's lives. Royal longs for their relationship to evolve romantically but knows it won't happen, after all Nash is straight. So when Royal meets the enigmatic Zade, he jumps at the chance to explore something with him. 

Zade has found himself a bit lost as to what to do with his life now that he is no longer an active Marine. Being introduced to Royal, however, sparks something in him he never thought he'd truly find. He's now free to explore a relationship with someone and Royal is perfect, his roommate and best friend Nash isn't bad either. He's always longed for a polyamorous relationship and if these men are up for it then Zade is definitely game. First, though, Nash will have to finally realize he might not be as straight as he thought he was.

What I Loved: The idea of two best friends who have grown up together and basically been inseparable since birth, finally realizing that they are meant to be together after a third person has joined the group is kind of a intriguing idea. I love MMM so I was really looking forward to how these 3 men would build a life together.

I think I personally liked Nash the most. He was sweet, caring, humble, a little naïve and innocent (although he's not), there was just something about him I found endearing. I loved how he was the nurturer in the relationship. He took care of everyone and you could totally see he had a huge heart. I loved him.

The bedroom scenes were smoking hot! I have to say, the author can write some great sex.

Last but not least, I cannot wait for Adam's story! I loved the sneak peek we got at the end of the book and Adam is probably the most intriguing character in the series to me. I'm totally looking forward to book 3 in Heathens Ink.

What I Liked: Zade is full of confidence, a little cocky, maybe even a little lost now that his life didn't revolve around the military. I wasn't so sure that I liked him at first or if I hated him but I know I just didn't necessarily think that he was good match for Nash. By the end of the book, though, I admit he grew on me and I ended up liking him. He was the protector in the relationship and I liked that it fit well with everyone else's roles.

Royal was very likable at first and like Zade he was a little bit more extroverted, a little cocky. He definitely fit the idea of a tattoo artist and a man who knows what he wants and generally goes after it. He was the jokester, he brought the smiles and laughter to their relationship. He was probably the glue of it all since it was him that the men fell in love with first.

What I Didn't Like: A few things bothered me about this story. First, I love ménage but I like it to feel natural. It should happen organically, everyone falling in love. I didn't feel that here as much as I'd like. Zade was set on finding two partners from the beginning. He kept calling himself polyamorous. I understand if you're bisexual and are looking to have a relationship with a man and a woman simultaneously. I didn't understand why he needed to be with two men and find the perfect Triad, though. Now I'm not saying it's not realistic or it's wrong to want that. My issue is that I don't feel like we ever got the reason he wanted/needed that. I wanted that part explored a little more since we know why Royal and Nash would enter into that relationship with Zade.

My other problem is the added drama of Liam. I'm sorry but that right there was something that could've been its own story. I would have rather had that run concurrently to the whole book so we got a more in-depth look at it than to have it brought in over half way through the story and then get resolved so quickly.

Overall, this was a good and entertaining read and if you like this series you definitely have to read Royal, Nash and Zade's story.

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn't a requirement. ***

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I'm an author of m/m and new adult romance. I have a strong passion for writing characters with a lot of heart and soul, and a bit of humor as well.


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