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Blog Tour ~ When Heaven Strikes by F.E. Feeley Jr. (Review + Excerpt + Giveaway)

Blog Tour ~ When Heaven Strikes by F.E. Feeley Jr. (Review + Excerpt + Giveaway)

Book Title: When Heaven Strikes
Author: F. E. Feeley Jr.
Cover Artist:
Genre/s: Contemporary Romance, gay literature
Length: Words: 60,400/No. of Pages: 298


Can love survive heaven’s wrath? Artist Ted Armstrong lives a solitary and eccentric life. The survivor of child abuse disguised as religion, Ted has cut himself off from the world. Then Ted meets Anderson Taylor, and it’s like being struck by lightning. Anderson is a cardiac surgeon whose passion for his work has consumed him. He fears he’ll never find a partner—until he sets eyes on Ted. It’s happening fast, but both men know what they feel is right. Confronted with an angry preacher, a scandal, and an act of God that threatens to destroy everything, their relationship will face its first true test.


He was scared. “Grandma, what’s wrong?” 
“Thunderstorm, baby. Hang on,” she said to him, and then to his mother, whom he just spotted to their left, “Where’s the car?” 
“At the front of the lot. We were one of the first ones here this morning,” Ann said as she worked to keep up in her flip-flops. 
On the water, he saw his yellow bucket floating bottom down. It was spinning hypnotically, but it was when Anderson looked skyward he found himself becoming terrified. Above the lake, the sky had turned a sickly green. The clouds directly above it and moving in closer were swirling in a tight formation with what looked like a big black eye staring down at them. 
“Grandma! What’s that?” Anderson exclaimed pointing skyward. 
She stopped and turned to look.” “Oh, my God,” she breathed, mostly to herself. 
Anderson felt panic begin to set it. 
Someone shouted close to them, “Jesus Christ! It’s a tornado!”

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Meet the Author

F.E.Feeley Jr is a poet and the author of six published works - four full length novels, two short stories featured in anthologies, and a good deal of poetry. Married to the love of his life, John, he came to the writing world about four years ago where he fell in love, again, with the written word.

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4 Stars!

Ted is an artist, making do with his work and trying to get over all he went through as a little kid growing up with an overly religious father. Anderson is a surgeon who up until then had basically buried himself in his job. When Ted receives a commission for a painting from a local socialité, Eleanor, the last thing he expects is meeting Eleanor's grandson, Anderson, and be as attracted to him as Anderson seems to be. Not sure if he should but unable to resist temptation, he finally calls Anderson and they hook up. It was supposed to be one night only, but they don't seem able to stay apart. However, there are many things that could still get in the way of their budding relationship.

I liked Ted and Anderson a lot. They were both great guys, friendly and loyal and sweet and they seemed to fit well together. Their relationship evolved a little too quickly for my taste, and while the physical aspect of it was hot and they had great chemistry, I would've liked for them to at least talk about some things like safe sex, before going without, especially considering Anderson was a surgeon.

I loved Eleanor, she was just amazing and a delight to read about. I wasn't too fond of Anderson's parents at first, but despite how they handled his coming out, they were making an effort to make up for it. 

I have mentioned it before, but I'm not too fond of stories with multiple POVs. I didn't mind it much in this one, especially since it explained a lot concerning the preacher mentioned in the blurb, even if there's a scene with him and his lover that I wouldn't have minded skipping that. Anyway, no matter his reasons for being abusive to his sons, I truly don't think he deserved a HEA after everything he did. Sorry, but just apologizing for it after all he did and 'embracing' his sexuality, isn't enough for me.

Overall, the book was a pretty good read. It was angsty, sweet, sexy and well-written. F.E. Feeley Jr. is undeniably a great author and even if there were a few things that didn't quite work for me, I have no problem recommending this book to others. 

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn't a requirement. ***

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