Thursday, October 19, 2017

Audiobook Review: Just Add Argyle by KC Burn


Tate Buchanan is a troublemaker who can’t keep a job, no matter how many times his lucky argyle sweater gets him hired. Add to that a learning disability and an impetuous nature that sends him into altercations to protect the defenseless, and he hardly manages to make friends, let alone find a man who’s interested in him for more than one night.

Most people think EMT Jaime Escobar is a player, but the truth is he wants a serious partner—he just can’t justify wasting time on guys he knows aren’t a match. But when he treats a gorgeous redhead after a fight, he finds the spark he’s spent so many years looking for.

Jaime wants to take the next step with Tate, but it’s clear Tate’s not going to curb his impulsive behavior—his next fight sends him to the hospital. Jaime’s relationship with a near criminal isn’t something his family is ready to accept, not any more than Tate is willing to be kept a secret. Jaime will need a lot of understanding—and some luck of his own—to keep them both. But this is one fight he’s going to see through to the end.

Just Add Argyle is Book 3 of K.C. Burn's Fabric Hearts series. It is possible to read and enjoy this book without having read the first two in the series, but the couples from the first two books are supporting characters in this book, so go ahead and read them first! Let me preface this by saying, I don't like picking favorites... but this is my favorite book in the series.

If you've read the previous books, you'll recognize Jaime. (I learned quickly in this audio that when I read this book I was pronouncing this name wrong. It's pronounced Hamee. I know, duh!). With his friends, he's considered a player who has a revolving door of men but in reality, Jaime is a workaholic who wants what his cousin and friends have: a relationship. Jaime comes from a large, very in your business family but feels like an outsider with them. His cousin was his rock, but now that he's found his soulmate, Jaime feels even more adrift. Jaime was also in the military and has lingering PTSD issues. Jaime wants to meet the man he's meant to have a relationship with, but he doesn't waste his time dating any guy who doesn't feel right from the start. One night while on call, Jaime is called to treat a man who was injured in a fight. He's attracted to the man, and though he doesn't have very much information, he can't stop thinking about him.

Getting into fights is just a normal part of Tate's life. He's impulsive, and despite his small stature, he is willing to jump in the middle of any fight to defend someone being attacked. That night, he saved an acquaintance from an attack and fought against the two men until police showed up. Tate thinks about the attractive EMT after that night, but his life doesn't allow for a lot of daydreaming. He needs to find a job so he can pay his mom rent, otherwise, he's going to find himself homeless. Tate lives a horrific life. When Jaime does find him again, and asks him out, Tate can't imagine someone is willing to go on a date with him. Jaime shows him a world and life that Tate never thought possible for himself and he doesn't trust any of it. After all, he's never been able to trust anyone or anything in his life so far.

This book is a slow burn and entirely worth the wait. There are a lot of heavy issues that this book is dealing with, and honestly, if the author had rushed the relationship between these two men, it would have been completely unbelievable. By the time the relationship seems to be on fast forward, the two men have experienced more than couples in longer relationships. I absolutely loved Jaime. He is full of compassion, empathy and is willing to give everything he is to have Tate. Tate broke my heart. He was such a fierce character and misunderstood by most people around him. Seeing him develop his first friendship, something he never even thought possible was sad. But, with all the heartbreak of his life, I loved Tate's love of the library and seeing what a different person he is inside those walls. And the growth of Tate from the beginning to the Tate at the end, when he's made friendships was beautiful to see.

David Ross narrated this book and did a terrific job. He has a very easy to listen to voice, keeps a good pace, brings the characters to life with varied voices, and doesn't have any weird pauses in his storytelling. This is the first time I've heard this narrator's work and really enjoyed it. The narrator brought the story to life and let the characters and story be the focus.

I loved this book, and will definitely be reading and listening to it again. Obviously, I highly recommend this book! And, I'm very much looking forward to the next book in the series.

Overall: 5 stars
Performance: 5 stars
Story: 5 stars

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