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Blog Tour: How The Warrior Claimed by Nicole René (Review + Giveaway)

Title: How The Warrior Claimed (Falling Warriors Series, Book 2) 
Author: Nicole René 
Genre: Dark Historical Romance 
Release Date: October 8, 2017 
Cover Designer: Marisa Shor, Cover Me Darling 

HE was the chief’s cousin…

Namoriee knew the only way to protect herself against the blond-haired gentle giant was to stay away. The way her heart pounded and her insides fluttered when he was near could only lead to disaster.

Two years ago he made a promise to her that she never thought he intended to keep.

She was wrong. 

SHE was the handmaiden…

Tyronian wanted Namoriee even when he knew he couldn’t have her. The need to possess her was so deep, it took every ounce of mental and physical strength he had to keep the promise he made to her that stormy night.

He promised he would wait until she was older.

He promised her two years.

But now… time’s up. 

Namoriee wants nothing to do with him but he has no plans on stopping until she’s in his bed, and he’s in her heart.

She will be his. Forever.

Whether she likes it or not.


“Tyronian w-w-what are you doing here?”

Tyronian almost smiled at the stutter, a sure sign that she was unnerved, if it wasn’t the fact that she was about to get ready to sleep here—alone—instead of with him in their hut.

“Funny,” he said, closing the door behind him. “I was just going to ask you the same. Care to enlighten me?” He looked down at her when he came to a stop in front of her. Namoriee licked her lips nervously, an action that made his cock twitch to life.

The things he could make her do with those lips…

“I-I was j-just…” Her breath faltered out of her when he pulled her closer to him. His nose nuzzling the top of her head and breathing in the scent of her.

“You were just...what?” he prompted, enjoying how his proximity affected her.
“Aggod is sick so I j-j-just thought that I’d—”

“You just thought that you would avoid me by hiding out here, instead of coming to bed with your husband?”

Her silence told him that he was right.

“You can’t escape me, Namoriee. No matter how hard you try. If you run, I’ll catch you. If you hide, I’ll find you.” His hands traveled down the length of her, relishing in the tremble he felt at his touch.
She gave the slightest moan at the sensation, so quiet, he wouldn’t have heard it if he didn’t have his lips against her throat. Her skin tasted salty, and sweet.

It was addicting.

He gripped her hips, pulling her close enough that she could feel the bulge in his pants. His body’s natural response to her presence.

“You’ll find that the man I was with you before is gone. He would have let you try and avoid him, and not done anything about it. He was a man who wanted someone bad enough that he was willing to wait for her to grow up…that man is dead.”

“D-d-dead?” Her voice was positively breathy. He nipped the juncture of her neck and shoulder.


“What man am I looking at now, then?” Shivering when his tongue apologized for the nip against her caramel flesh. He pulled back and smiled—but it wasn’t a smile.

It was primitive, possessive, and completely venereal.

“One that has been starving for two winters, which is a lot of time to figure out exactly what he’ll do once he has the woman he’s wanted. And believe me, she’ll get just as much pleasure out of the experience as he will.”

3.5 Stars

How The Warrior Claimed is book 2 in the Falling Warriors series, although it can be read as a standalone, the main characters from the first book feature prominently in this one, so I think it might be best if you read it in order. 

If you've read my reviews, you know that I love historical romances. However, the ones I usually read are set in or around the Regency period. This has been the first one set so much further back in history and it was quite educational. 

Tyronian is a Highlander and he's the chief's cousin. He's wanted Namoriee for a long time and he's waited for her to be of age before claiming her. Now it's time for her to be his wife, but she thinks she is not good enough for him and fights him. 

I loved Tyronian. He is an alpha male that knows what he wants and goes after it, in this case, it's Namoriee he wants and he pursues her relentlessly, finally making her his wife. Even if he might have been with others while waiting for her to be old enough for him, once he has her, he doesn't want anyone else, which I really liked. Especially since men in that time, didn't particularly care for what women thought or felt about sharing their men. Unfortunately, I got fed up with Namoriee pretty early on into the story and that didn't change until the very end, when it was already too late for me. She was annoying and immature and I truly didn't see what Tyronian saw in her. Really, she had to have things pointed out to her by the chief's lady so she finally realized what had been in front of her the whole time. *rolls eyes* Yes, I'll admit the sex scenes were hot and passionate, also there were a lot of them, but my enjoyment of them diminished with my lack of connection with the female lead. 

Overall, the book is well-written, hot and interesting, and I'm sure others might find Namoriee less annoying and enjoy it more than I did. Recommendable! 

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn't a requirement. ***

Nicole René is a San Diego native living with her grumpy kitty, Sebastian and her crazy cute Boxer, Walter.

When she’s not busy creating sexy alpha males, you can most likely find her with her nose stuck in a book reading OTHER sexy alpha males, kicking back with her friends and family, at the movies, or further fueling her “The Little Mermaid” and “The Lord of the Rings” obsession. 

She is a certified klutz, often tripping over invisible objects, dropping things like they were hot, and playing ping-pong with the walls. She has lots of tattoos, loves to eat sushi—but hates eating cooked fish, hates going to the beach (even though she’s surrounded by them), and is still waiting for her Hogwarts letter to come in the mail.

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