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Flashback Review: Oscar Down Under Part One by Jack Ladd

Flashback Review: Oscar Down Under Part One by Jack Ladd


Oscar Down Under: Part One is the first in Jack Ladd's series following Oscar, a tall, dark and handsome thirty-something who's got it together: good job, great body and amazing boyfriend.

Or does he?

Once a manipulative and jaded party boy who didn't know how to love, Oscar is now older and wiser, navigating the waters of romance with a deep understanding of himself as his sails and an unshakable core of honesty his compass.
But, forced to reflect on his past, Oscar must discover if his sails are strong enough and whether his compass will point him in the direction he desires.

Oscar Down Under: Part One is the story of why Oscar the boy became so closed and uncaring and how, in a land far, far away, Oscar the man learned to open his heart.

4.5 Stars

Oscar is a good time party boy, living it up on the streets of London: Drugs, alcohol, clubbing and sex with a different guy every night, but while looking for his next meal and hook-up, and not particularly in that order, he finds David on Grindr and they arrange to meet. When they finally come face to face, Oscar sees his opportunity for a possible new future. He’ll travel to Australia, David’s home country, with him and pretend to be his boyfriend to make his ex jealous, then he’ll be free to make a new life for himself Down Under, but things don’t go quite the way he planned.

This was an intriguing and interesting story. Oscar isn’t your typical sweet and lovable protagonist you want to root for. In fact, he’s a bit of a twat and a user, but when you start to pull the layers away and see his physical and emotional scars, you begin to understand that his attitude is just a product of the walls he has built up around him to protect himself. If you don’t let people in​ they can’t hurt you and Oscar has been through some rough times and he’s a bit damaged, when you get to the truth it’s all a bit heartbreaking.

The story is well-written, although maybe a bit too detail​-oriented​ at times, especially in the beginning of the story. As the story progresses the writing starts to flow better and feel more natural.

This was a unique story, not so much a romance, but a journey of ​self​-discovery​. I really enjoyed following Oscar on his new journey, he really showed growth and maturity throughout the story and I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds for him. This was an enjoyable read and definitely recommendable!

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About The Author:

Jack Ladd was born in the UK, grew up in a small English town and fled to Sydney, Australia, as soon as he could. There he spent many years discovering the world, the people who call it home, and, most importantly, himself. Oscar and his adventures are based on true events.

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  1. I loved it! Very relatable and highly entertaining!