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Release Day Review ~ The Librarian's Rake by Z. Allora

Release Day Review ~ The Librarian's Rake by Z. Allora

Title: The Librarian's Rake

Author: Z. Allora

Release Date: October 25, 2017
Category: Contemporary
Pages: 123

Opposites might attract, but is acting on that attraction wise?
Librarian Tristan Cooper can’t steer clear of sexy, motorcycle-riding bad boy Phillip—the man is hot—but Phillip is bound to find quiet, bookish Tristan boring, like all Tristan’s boyfriends. Tristan yearns to explore his wild side, the part of himself he’s only allowed into his fantasies, and maybe rakish Phillip is just what he needs to feel free.
Sexperienced hairdresser Phillip is more of a believer in happy endings than happily ever afters. Experience has taught him not to hope for more—until he meets sweet, vulnerable Tristan, who seems genuinely interested in his heart. But Phillip can’t trust enough to see himself as a man Tristan might want for more than a night.
With the help of a pair of matchmaking grandfathers, Tristan and Phillip might find the courage to step beyond their comfort zones and discover what has been missing from their lives….

*Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by Dreamspinner Press for my reading pleasure in hopes of an unbiased opinion, a review was not a requirement.*

Phillip is supposed to be a bad boy hairdresser on a motorcycle who has no interest in relationships. Tristan is a librarian who is said to be boring and bookish. When the two first interact, Tristan is more a stuck-up snob. Their grandfathers seem to be developing a relationship and decide to push Tristan and Phillip together. The biggest problem these two men have is themselves. They have very set in stone notions about themselves and will have to grow up and come out of their comfort zones.

This novella was a little slow going, and I wasn't really a fan of either character. The grandfathers in this story seemed more interesting, and I would have loved to follow their story. ;) As I've said many times, novellas are difficult in my opinion. You have a limited number of pages to introduce characters and a relationship, especially when the two MC's don't have any prior knowledge or interaction with each other. For me, I would have liked more character development and relationship development and less time spent on getting naked **gasp**. Tristan did have his hang-ups in regards to sex, but I'd think those could have been fixed with the build-up of the relationship and getting to know each other. I just didn't get what I needed from the characters to have an invested interest in their relationship and where it was going.

This story was 123 pages and a quick read. The grandfathers in the story definitely were the highlight for me, just because they had so much orneriness on the page. I wish I had felt the same way for Tristan and Phillip! Tristan and Phillip did find love, so this had a HEA ending.

Rating: 3.5 stars

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