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Release Tour: The Longing by Piper Davenport (Review + Giveaway)

Title: The Longing
Series: Dogs of Wolfpack #2
Author: Piper Davenport
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: October 10, 2017 

She wants only him…
For as long as she can remember, Poppy has loved only one man. Devon Wallace has been her knight in shining leather ever since he rescued her from a date gone wrong. She can’t envision a future without him, but she’s convinced he still thinks of her as the pesky twelve-year-old who used to follow him around.
He can have anyone but her…
Devon "Sparky" Wallace has spent the better part of a decade trying to keep his hands off his uncle’s step-daughter, Poppy, and living by the code of the brotherhood. He’s not about to break the rules, no matter how much he fantasizes about the sexiest woman on the planet.
But when her connection to him puts her life in jeopardy, he must figure out a way to save her without breaking the club’s code, even if that means losing her forever.
18+ for language and sexual situations…

3.5 Stars!

Poppy has loved Devon since she was just a girl. Devon, on the other hand, knows Poppy is off limits. His uncle and the rest of the club would kill him. Knowing they can’t be together doesn’t stop Devon aka Sparky from making sure others don’t touch her though and he’s determined to keep her safe. So when it becomes clear that things between the two have heated up, everything begins to explode.

I hate that I just didn’t enjoy this story as much as the rest. I was super excited to see Poppy get a book, I loved Hatch and Maisie’s story. However, The Longing just left me longing for something more. More chemistry, more connection, more grit and passion. I’m not sure if it was the ages of the characters or the fact that I felt like we didn’t get exposed enough to what Poppy saw in Devon from the beginning. I just found myself disconnected from the characters and not able to feel the chemistry that I wished poured off the pages between them.

I like the whole struggle of wanting someone you can’t have, I love the MC aspects. But I felt like it could’ve been more, it just lacked some of the intensity that the other books possessed. In some ways I almost found the story to be a series of cliches, and overdone plot devices. It was as if I’d read it a hundred times before and it took a little enthusiasm away from the story.

As for the characters, sure, I liked them, but I definitely didn’t love them. Poppy was a weird dichotomy of girl and woman, tough and bratty. She was a good person but in my opinion, she lacked the maturity that I loved about her mother’s character in Hatch and Maisie’s story. This might be my own biased opinion but I had a harder time finding her to be the perfect heroine.

The Longing wasn’t a bad read, in fact, it was quite enjoyable. The problem was that it just didn’t live up to the previous Dogs of Fire books I’ve read. I still am a huge fan of the series and am anxiously awaiting the next story.

***Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by the author/publisher for my reading pleasure in hopes of an unbiased opinion, a review was not a requirement.***

Piper Davenport is the alter-ego of New York Times Bestselling Author, Tracey Jane Jackson. She writes from a place of passion and intrigue, combining elements of romance and suspense with strong modern-day heroes and heroines.
She currently resides in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two kids.
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