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Review Tour ~ Havoc (A Silent Sons MC #2) by Ambere Sabo (Giveaway)

Review Tour ~ Havoc (A Silent Sons MC #2) by Ambere Sabo

Title: Havoc
Series: A Silent Sons MC #2
Author: Ambere Sabo
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: October 19, 2017
United Indie Book Blog - “This story has some twist and turns with some really HOT steamy scenes.” My Timeout Book Blog - “Plot twists, steaming HOT scenes, strong & sassy women, along with fierce men this book will keep you wanting more.” Vikki Purcell - “OMG.......This book is one that once you start your unable to put down. The flow of writing as the story unfolds keeps you wanting more.”

Havoc I left behind my home, my family and my club to hunt down a bastard that doesn’t want to be found. My only focus is putting a bullet in his head and figuring out how to save my sisters from the Infierno cartel. The problem? He’s a ghost in the wind who always seems to be one step ahead. Things change when my best friend, Cessy, forces me to bring Angel out on the road with me. Angel Hernandez, the hotheaded Hispanic beauty who drives me crazy. She wants the bastard’s head as much as I do but she has no concern for what it may cost her. Can we overcome the scars of our past together or are we destined to die for the sins of another?

4 Stars

Having not read Cessy, I really didn’t have a clue what this story was going to be like. I wasn’t prepared for how ruthless the bad guy was or the horrific circumstances surrounding Angel. I also was completely unprepared for the way women are portrayed in the club. I’m used to a more misogynistic take on what the roles for women are. While I don’t like how women are treated, I’ll admit that it’s what I’m familiar with and it made it hard for me to completely connect with Angel. The way she spoke to Havoc when she initially meets him totally rubbed me the wrong way. She’s not a member or an Ol’lady even, yet she spoke to him as if she were his Prez or VP. It felt wrong and it made me somewhat dislike her.

Havoc was a complicated character for me because I loved him and I didn’t. There were times where I wanted to hug him for his drive to end Wrecker and his reign of terror. Wrecker is a disgusting and despicable piece of trash. So knowing that Havoc's life pretty much surrounded around killing him was actually comforting. However, Havoc could be an a**hole too. Sometimes his reactions were completely over the top and I wanted to punch him.

Between Havoc's need for revenge and Angel quest for ultimate retribution this became a pretty intense read. It’s a little bit of an emotional roller coaster. Neither character is sure they’ll survive in the end yet with nothing to lose at this point they aren’t concerned whether they live or die.

This is a story about the lengths one man would go through to keep those he cherishes safe. A woman who has lost everything but her need for retribution and a Club that means Loyalty, Love and Family.

***Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by the author/publisher for my reading pleasure in hopes of an unbiased opinion, a review was not a requirement.***

Ambere is a transplant from Arizona to Fort Worth Texas where she currently lives raising her three munchkins. She is an avid reader of all things Paranormal and Romance. Ambere enjoys music and tries to get to as many concerts as she can. Cessy is her debut novel, and she is currently working on the second book in The Silent Sons MC series. 


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