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Book Review ~ Ride by Nellie Christine

Book Review~ Ride by Nellie Christine

Bentley Williams never thought he’d hit rock bottom at 19-years-old. From top-rated college running back to homeless, girlfriend-less, UCLA dropout, Bentley can’t help but wonder if he’s making the right decision. Pursuing a career as a BMX rider likely means a life of struggling to afford groceries, but he can’t imagine doing anything else. The sport’s in his blood. After a visit to his uncle’s shop involves him flirting with the green-eyed new guy instead of looking for a new bike, Bentley ends up questioning himself even more. 

Kit Edwards was used to being treated like a leper in his small hometown of Junction, Ohio. After foolishly getting involved with the closeted high school quarterback, he decides to move as far away for school as possible. UCLA is perfect – the weather is beautiful, his roommate isn’t crazy, and people couldn’t care less about his orientation. 

People care so little that Kit finds himself in a flirting match with the unfairly attractive guy that wanders into the bike shop where he works. But, Kit refuses to go down that road again. Popular athletes were a no, and straight guys were a definite no. Bentley doesn’t seem interested in going away, and as a friendship forms, Kit promises himself he won’t make the same mistake twice. 


4.5 Stars

This is my first book by this author, but I’ll tell you now, it won’t be my last. I absolutely loved this book and I adored Bentley and Kit. They were both sweet, nurturing and caring guys and they fit together perfectly. The chemistry between them was amazing and the progression of their relationship from friends to lovers felt natural. I especially loved the ease with which Benny comes to terms with and accepts his attraction to Kit, since he’s always thought of himself as straight.

The story was really long, but it’s well-written and interesting. The flow was a little slow at times, but the author held my attention with this story that was filled with sweetness, romance, laugh out loud moments and a touch of angst.

I not only loved Kit and Benny, who kept me in stitches with their witty banter, but I loved the secondary characters as well, and I know of one in particular who I’m hoping the author will revisit and give a story. The secondary characters of Benny and Kit’s family and friends were awesome and amazingly supportive of them.

This was an enjoyable and very recommendable story!

*copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by the author/publisher for my reading pleasure, a review wasn't a requirement. *

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