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New Release Review ~ Unexpected (Protectors Book 10) by Sloane Kennedy

New Release Review ~ Unexpected (Protectors Book 10) by Sloane Kennedy

Unexpected (The Protectors, Book 10)

by Sloane Kennedy
Cover Design: Jay Aheer

  • Publication Date: November 24, 2017
  • Pages: 359 pages

I finally had the chance at a perfect life when I met the man I was supposed to be with. But he’s gone and chances like that don’t come along twice in one lifetime. Right?

Former president Everett Shaw had his whole life laid out for him from the time he was a child and he lived out every expectation to complete and utter perfection… until he met the one man who changed everything. With plans to leave public life behind after finishing his term in office, Everett was looking forward to a quiet life with the man of his dreams at his side. But one brutal act of violence stole that bright future away, leaving Everett struggling just to get through each day.

A decade later finds Everett nearing the age of sixty and living a shell of a life. Haunted by his loss, he finds solace in his roses and evenings sitting in front of the television. But when his estranged son is horribly injured while saving the life of another, Everett leaves everything behind in the hopes of mending the broken relationship and helping his son heal in more ways than one.

My job is to protect and there are rules that have to be followed. Even if there weren’t, I wouldn’t risk letting anyone close… not again.

Special Agent Jonathan Nash’s job is to keep the former president safe, not be his friend. Even if something about the lonely older man draws him in, he’s not about to risk what’s left of his career for anything. And it’s not like a guy like Everett Shaw would really see him anyway. Nor would he want him to, considering the ugly past Nash left behind to pursue his dream. No, he’s better off following protocol and doing his job. Let someone else deal with the broken man. It’s not his problem… it can’t be.

I learned a long time ago to live life on my terms and that sometimes you have to take that leap of faith to get what you want. But wanting two men at the same time? That’s new, even for me.

At forty-five years old, former Navy SEAL Gage Fortier has experienced success and loss in equal measure, and while his life has taken a direction he never planned, he wouldn’t have it any other way. When Reese, the young man he’s partnered with in the underground vigilante group they both work for, is injured on the job, he sees an opportunity to build on the friendship with the bitter former soldier while giving him a place to recover. But when he discovers that the young man is actually the estranged son of a former U.S. president, Gage realizes he has the chance to give both father and son so much more. There’s only one problem with his plan… how to ignore his growing attraction for the devishly handsome Everett Shaw.

And Everett’s perpetual shadow, Agent Nash.

Three men on very separate courses. Until something unexpected happens and three become one…

*TRIGGER WARNING: This book as a couple of triggers. You can check out what they are by downloading the sample or using the "Look Inside" feature and scrolling to the appropriate page. Note that reading the trigger warnings could cause spoilers.

Can be read as a standalone novel.

The Protectors series crosses over with some of my other series, so for the most enjoyment, they should be read in order, but it is not required. You can find the correct reading order at the beginning of each book. I've also bundled all my series in the correct reading order under the title of A Family Chosen: The Protectors and

4.5 Stars!

There aren’t a lot of authors out there that can really pull off Ménage but Sloane Kennedy is one of the few that can, and she does it well. It’s pretty much a given that I am going to love her stories. The characters are always intense and passionate, strong and resilient and of course complex. I’m always prepared for the emotional rollercoaster I will be thrown on when I start reading a Protectors book but I must say I am surprised that even at book 10 Sloane is still producing great stories that I can’t put down, and leave me anxiously waiting for the next one.

The plot in Unexpected is a little different from the rest of the series. While the rest of the books focus a lot on the action, the dark and painful backstories and the angst, Unexpected veers a bit from that. Instead, we get a lot more focus on the budding relationship and the elements surrounding it. There’s a lot of sweet and tender moments. There’s a lot of hot, sexy and passionate moments and I have to say some very intense moments.

We also get some very sad moments as we delve into each man’s past (This is a Protectors novel after all). They’ve all dealt with loss in very different yet profound ways that have shaped them into the men they are and at times it was hard to read.

Former President Everett Shaw seemingly had it all but his life was and is far from perfect. His loveless marriage ended, the love of his life was brutally murdered and his son no longer wants anything to do with him. He’s basically denied his sexuality most of his life and all of these things are slowly drowning him. I really felt Everett’s pain and sadness. There were times I wanted to cuss his son Reese out for his behavior towards him and that made me angry on his behalf.

Special Agent Jonathan Nash knows protecting the former President Shaw is his last chance. He loves his job, it’s always been his dream but babysitting Shaw isn't exactly as exciting as the West Wing. It doesn’t help that he is trying to not develop feelings for the man. He’s no stranger to rejection and he won’t take a chance on a man who he believes is way out of his league.

I liked Nash but it took a bit to totally connect with him. I felt for him when we learn about his past and as the story went on I grew to love him as much as Everett. Gage though was my favorite and I will admit his past broke my heart as well. He seemed like the one who had it all together, the one with the least amount of issues but when we really find out his history, well let’s just say he fits right in with the rest of Ronan’s men.

Gage works with Everett’s son Reese for Ronan. He’s a single father who not only lost his best friend and mother of his child during childbirth but his mother as well. Now he lives with his father and his daughter in his childhood home.

Overall I really loved this story and definitely recommend it. It’s not my favorite in the series, it was a little sweeter than I expected and I hoped it would have more action. I love Sloane’s stories that are a bit more gritty and raw. However, Unexpected was a great read and I can’t wait for book 11.

***Copy provided to me by the author/publisher for my reading pleasure in hopes of an honest and unbiased review.

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