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Release Blitz: Hunter by HJ Perry (Excerpt+Review)


Title: Hunter
Author: HJ Perry
Publisher: LoveLight Press
Length: approx. 45k
Genre/s: erotic gay romance, fantasy
Release Date: November 23, 2017


Some are born as prey.
Small-town orphan Pip is stuck in a rut. Life just turns in circles. He can't even escape his old school bullies, it seems... Until a hunk of a guy with magic fingers steps in and saves him.
Others are born to hunt.
The stranger who seduces Pip is an immortal god, sworn to him for all of Pip's lives. God in the forest and between the sheets, Hunter will have his prize. Again and again.
Destiny lies with Hunter.
After experiencing his first kiss, Pip discovers their fates are bound together for all eternity. Hunter has access to a world of magic and wonder, and the changes in Pip's life are almost too much to take. Now he's faced with an impossible choice…

Hunter is a hot and steamy gay fantasy with a guaranteed Happy Ever After and no cheating.
It is book one in the new Elsewhere series featuring powerful men who are not of this world.


Chapter Four
A warm fire crackled close to Pip’s head, and he woke with a start. He rolled back as his eyes focused. A fire burned in a carefully dug pit in the center of the room. Hearthstones surrounded it. Pip lay on what appeared to be a bed, much larger than any back home. A framework of wood, the center piled high with soft fur pelts, the bed dominated the room. Next to him, a dozing wolf-dog lifted its head lazily, looked at him with amber eyes, then dropped its head back onto the furs. A second lay curled at the end of the bed and didn’t wake when Pip stirred.
What the hell was going on?
The animal at Pip’s side rolled over, exposing his belly and pressing up against him. Pip decided they must be dogs, and exceptionally well-trained ones at that, as he recalled their behavior when they’d found him bound to a tree. He ran his hands through the animal’s coarse, thick fur. Its tongue lolled from the side of his mouth, and it panted happily as Pip scratched his stomach.
Wherever this place was, it wasn’t home. Nothing like.
A pelt hung over the entrance to the room in place of a door, and the walls were a rustic makeshift combination of exposed logs and a type of plaster. The room contained very little furniture, apart from the bed. A rickety shelf held some used copper cookware and a few ancient-looking dishes. It was as if this were a temporary camp with no evidence of commodities, no overhead lighting, no electricity, no… no nothing.
Despite how very strange and basic it appeared, it felt warm and cozy, with a homey familiar scent about it.
Pip settled back onto the bed and nestled against the wolf-like dog, finding strange comfort in being so close to such a strong animal.
“Where did the rest of you go?” Pip asked as he stroked its belly. “There were so many of you before.”
“They came with me.” The voice from the doorway made Pip’s heart skip a beat.
He lifted his head. The man who rescued him came through the doorway carrying a bag over his shoulder, his antlers gone and skin free of anything that resembled bark. Free of anything at all, actually.
He stood near the fire pit completely naked.
The rest of the dogs trailed in after him; some of them climbed into bed with Pip, others settled across the room, creating a comfortable-looking pile of warm animal fur. The temperature in the room rose by many degrees, quickly. It must’ve surely been from the warmth of all those bodies.
Not only was the man naked, but gorgeous, too. Pip pulled one of the fur pelts over his lap, hoping to conceal his reaction to the man’s presence.

4 Stars!

I really liked Pip, he was your typical 18-year-old, except he didn't quite have much direction in his life until he met Hunter, and then he was swept away in a hazy cloud of fantasy and lust that quickly morphed into more. I liked Hunter, but truly, he could've handled some things better. He was way older than Pip, and while he tried to give him the space to make the choices Pip needed to make, he kind of railroaded Pip into accepting him as his soulmate and past lover by courting and seducing him. Yes, he'd waited a long time for Pip, but I don't know, there were times I didn't feel Pip was mature enough to make a decision as big as he had to. 

The sexual chemistry between them was undeniable, but again, I was a tad squicked out by the difference in ages. Perhaps that would have changed if I'd felt Pip was more mature. As it was, well, while I enjoyed the very steamy sex scenes, I couldn't stop feeling they weren't really in the same level. 

Overall, Hunter was a very erotic fantasy book, with a bit of angst thrown in for good measure. The writing was pretty good, although I found some typos that I hope were corrected in the final proof, and the story was solid and enjoyable. Recommendable! 

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn't a requirement. ***


About the Author

HJ Perry is a 49 years old mother of three school aged children. They live by the English seaside and from her hometown she can see France. Helen loves reading. If it were possible, she'd do nothing else. She reads science fiction, fantasy, young adult, all types of LGBT fiction, and, of course, gay romance. Aside from reading she likes walking and watching films, most often science fiction or thrillers.

HJP has written many books about men falling in love in England where, for the most part, LGBT people are treated with the same respect as anyone else. Having worked in the construction industry for years in real life, she has written many fictional characters working in similar macho, male dominated environments.

Despite reading American books and watching American shows, writing American characters has been a huge challenge for her. With a lot of help, Rescued from Paradise is her first novel featuring Americans and set in the US.

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