Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Release Day Review ~ Never the Groom by Samantha Cayto

Release Day Review ~ Never the Groom by Samantha Cayto

A cold night turns unexpectedly hot.
Ian Cabot has led a shy, sheltered life ever since a plane accident killed his mother and left him emotionally and physically scarred. His father’s marriage of convenience forces him into the magnetic orbit of his soon-to-be cousin by marriage. The man who meets him at the airport is just the kind of commanding man he hopes will rid him of his virginity. Too bad anything between them is out of bounds.
James Reynolds has no time or patience for his cousin’s social-climbing marriage, and even less for taking a detour to deal with the pampered son of her fiancé. As a hard-working and dedicated family man, he agrees to pick Ian up and get him to the wedding. The pretty college boy who hides half his face is not what he is expecting and proves to be disturbingly tempting.
Whatever discipline Ian and James have to keep their relationship strictly familial is tested by an unseasonable blizzard and the sexual heat they can’t ignore.
Publisher's Note: This book was previously released as part of the Right Here, Right Now anthology with Pride Publishing.
General Release Date: 28th November 2017

ISBN: 978-1-78651-640-4   Imprint: Pride Publishing

Book Length: Short story
Pairing: MM


4 Stars!!!

James is roped into picking up the entitled son of his cousin's fiancé, only when he meets Ian, James realizes Ian is not an entitled brat, but a shy, sweet guy who hides his scarred face behind his hair. 

Ian was lovely, shy and innocent, although willing to learn. And James, well, even if I felt a tad weird about it because Ian was nearly 19 and James was 32, I have to admit that he did his best to treat Ian right. He looked past Ian's scarred face and treated him nicely. The chemistry between James and Ian was undeniable, Ian just didn't seem mature enough for a relationship, but they seemed to fit well together, and well, the sex scenes were hot.

Overall, this was a steamy, enjoyable short read with a solid HFN. I would've loved at least an epilogue showing how their families reacted to them being together, but it still was a nice ending. Recommendable! 

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by Pride Publishing for my reading pleasure, a review wasn't a requirement. ***

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