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Release Blitz: Remember Me When (The Unforgettable Duet Book 2) by Brooke Blaine (Review)


Experience the heartbreakingly beautiful journey of Ollie & Reid in…Remember Me When, the emotional conclusion to The Unforgettable Duet, from Brooke Blaine is now LIVE!

My worst nightmare and your greatest fear became a reality:
You don’t remember me.
You don’t remember the accident, or the weeks afterward.
You don’t remember my bed as your safe place,
or when, against all odds, you fell for me.
You remember me only as the casual acquaintance you saw as you grabbed your daily coffee.
Three sugars, two creamers.
Perhaps an acquaintance is all I’ll ever be to you now.
Maybe I can shoulder the heartbreak and the loss of you, if it means you’ll be happy.
You remember me when.
Remember Me When is the second and final book in The Unforgettable Duet and should only be read following Forget Me Not.

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5+ Stars

Remember Me When is book 2 in the Unforgettable Duet (and really, this is a more than perfect name for it) and it needs to be read in order. 

I loved Ollie so much, my heart broke for him I don't know how many times during RMW and yet, even when his own heart was breaking, he remained steadfast, the same sweet, kind, lovable man that we met in Forget Me Not. He was so patient with Reid, so loving, so willing to put Reid's needs first, that there was no way that he couldn't be my favorite. That doesn't mean that I didn't love Reid, it's just that Ollie is special. 

Reid went through all the inner turmoil in this installment that his amnesia in book 1 made him avoid. The emotional rollercoaster of having lost the memories of the accident up to when he woke up after his surgery and the sensation that he'd lost more than just those were masterfully described and made me hurt right along with him. I went through a lot of tissues, so yeah, don't forget to stock up on those. 

Brooke Blaine recaptured the chemistry between Ollie and Reid and showed us that love is love and that when it runs as deep as with these two amazing men, it will find a way to overcome all the obstacles life throws its way. 

All in all, I loved book 1 in this duet, Forget Me Not, but Remember Me When was even better, angstier, sweeter. I have a weakness for GFY or OFY and these books are amazing examples of why. Please do yourself a favor and don't miss out on this duet, you won't regret it. 

*** Copy provided to the reviewer for my reading pleasure, a review wasn't a requirement. ***


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  1. Sounds like a touching read. Thanks for the review!