Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Release Day Review ~ Chasing Thunderbird (Shifter U: Book 2) by J. Leigh Bailey

Release Day Review ~ Chasing Thunderbird (Shifter U: Book 2) by J. Leigh Bailey

Title: Chasing Thunderbird

Series: Shifter U: Book 2

Author: j. leigh bailey
Release Date: February 6, 2018
Category: Paranormal: Shifters, Dreamspun Beyond
Pages: 223

A legendary love.
Ornithology professor Simon Coleman’s reputation is at risk, and the only way to save his name is to prove thunderbirds are more than creatures of Native American myth. Grad student and part-time barista Ford Whitney has a lot on his plate, but it’s also his duty to make sure the resident bird nerd doesn’t discover shape-shifters—like himself—live on campus.
When a series of incidents related to Simon’s search put him in harm’s way, Ford’s instincts kick in, and they become closer than is strictly proper for student and teacher. Ford is forced to reveal his secrets to Simon, and their relationship is put to the test—Simon must choose between salvaging his reputation and protecting the man who protected him….

4.5 Stars!

Chasing Thunderbird is book 2 in the Shifter U series, while it could technically be read as a standalone, we met Ford in book 1 and several of the characters featured in Stalking Buffalo Bill make appearances here, plus the book was very entertaining, so just do yourself a favor and read them both. 

Simon Coleman is an Ornithology professor, he wants to prove that thunderbirds exist and restore his family's name. Ford Whitney is a part-time barista and a grad student who gets roped into becoming Simon's TA and babysitter, so he doesn't accidentally discover about all the shape-shifters that attend the University. 

However, finding out about shape-shifters might end up being the least of Simon's problems. 

I really liked Simon. He was a bonafide genius and already had several masters and a PHD. He's a bit awkward and nerdy and it was fun to see him trying to piece clues together regarding the weird occurrences he saw on the campus on a daily basis. I loved Ford, and I think it was understandable that he wanted to keep his shifter identity under wraps even after Simon learned all about the other shifters. I also loved that he forgot all about that when Simon was in danger. Simon and Ford were very sweet and hot together, it was nice seeing them go from acquaintances to lovers. 

The secondary plotline with the cult was intriguing and well-done. It was a great way to showcase Ford's many talents for sure.

All in all, this book was a great continuation to the series. It was very enjoyable and entertaining, and I really hope this won't be the last book we'll see in this 'verse. Very recommendable!

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by Dreamspinner Press for my reading pleasure, a review wasn't a requirement. ***

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