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Book Review: Home In Your Heart (The Alpha's Homestead Series #4) by Alex Jane

Book Review: 
Home In Your Heart (The Alpha's Homestead Series #4) 
by Alex Jane

**This book is not an MF romance as such, despite one of the storylines having a female protagonist. It is a continuation of the gay family series.

When Martha returns to the homestead after five years away at school, the excitement of her arrival is somewhat overshadowed. There’s a new pack in town who appear friendly enough but something about them raises both the Alphas hackles. But any reservations about their new neighbors don’t stop Martha from falling for the charms of the handsome wolf set on seducing her.

With his stubborn daughter intent on giving up her future plans, his youngest son out of control and Ephraim not doing much better, Caleb struggles to keep his family together, risking his relationship with Jacob in the process. And, of course, the surprise guest that Martha brings with her doesn’t help matters either.

And as for Martha, her whole life has been an adventure of books and learning, until Albert captures her heart. But while she wrestles with her feelings, there’s a constant presence waiting in the wings. Someone that will catch her if she falls. Someone that always has, and always will. If she’ll let him.

No matter how far you go, there will always be a home for you in my heart.

4 Stars!

Home In Your Heart is book 4 in The Alpha's Homestead Series and it needs to be read in order. While one of the storylines explored in this book is Martha's (Jacob and Caleb's daughter), Home In Your Heart is not an MF romance. 

Martha is back home after finishing her studies to become a doctor in New York and she brings a surprise visitor with her. She's set on going to study abroad and the fact that Thaddeus is out of control and Ephraim is in pain after his boyfriend broke things off with him, have Caleb feeling inadequate as a father. Add to that, a new pack settling in the town's vicinity and Caleb and Jacob's relationship starts to suffer under the stress.

My heart absolutely broke for Caleb. He was insecure and feeling like he'd somehow failed his children and I can empathize with that. Perhaps it was a bit over the top sometimes, but really, a lot was going on at the same time. I just can't blame him for how he acted. While Jacob was supportive of him most of the time, the stress of it all was too much even for him at times. The struggle felt very realistic all things considered. 

The Thaddeus storyline was great, although I'm very curious how it will play out in book 5. I would've liked to read more about Ephraim, but I guess with him getting his own book (#6), it makes sense that we didn't get as much about him in this one. 

While I've liked Martha in the previous books, I was a bit disappointed by how annoying she was in this one. She acted like a spoiled brat with Caleb when he dared suggest that she stayed and I just wanted to slap her, but it only got worse when she met Albert, a member of the new pack that came into town and despite him being so rude from the start, she was all ga-ga for him and actually defied her fathers and had resolved to give up her career to be with him. Grrr!!! And while it was obvious that Joe, her best friend from when they were little, was in love with her, the whole bit at the end, felt so rushed. I would've liked a bit more development there. 

The North Pack storyline was interesting and I liked the way it was dealt with, without too much drama and with such a satisfying conclusion. I loved the scene at the saloon! 

Overall, this was a very solid continuation to the series. The writing was great, as always, and I love this 'verse that Ms. Jane has built. Caleb and Jacob are awesome and it was great catching up with some of the supporting characters. Very recommendable to fans of the series! 

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn't a requirement. ***

After spending far too long creating stories in her head, Alex finally plucked up the courage to write them down and realized it was quite fun seeing them on the page after all.
Free from aspirations of literary greatness, Alex simply hopes to entertain by spinning a good yarn of love and life, wrapped up with a happy ending. Although, if her characters have to go through Hell to get there, she’s a-okay with that.

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