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Release Day Review: His Faith As He Finds It by A.M. Arthur

Release Day Review: His Faith As He Finds It 
by A.M. Arthur

Can a jaded porn star with a painful past and a shy nurse who’s been burned before learn to believe in themselves and find their happily ever after?

Rick Fowler enjoys his job as rising internet porn star Adam Swift, but it’s not exactly a career he can bring up on first dates. His few attempts at dating have all been disasters, so he’s keeping his head down and working on remaining sober. When his toxic, perma-cranky Uncle Gerard—the man who took Rick in when he was fourteen—needs round-the-clock care, Rick steps up.

In-home nurse Vinson Larrazzo is always up for a challenge. He definitely finds one in the rude Gerard Fowler—and Gerard’s shockingly gorgeous nephew Rick, who is just as grumpy. And since Vinson’s first priority is always his patient, he ignores his strong—and highly unprofessional—feelings for Rick.

But their chemistry is undeniable, and a snow storm gives them get the perfect chance to explore it. Vinson has faith they can make it work, but to have a future together, Rick needs to find enough faith in himself to own his mistakes and let go of the past—even if that means confronting his uncle about an incident that put Rick on his dangerous, damaging road to addiction. And the fallout of those secrets might be more than Rick’s relationship with Vinson can bear.

Note: This 74,000 word novel is part of a the ongoing “Perspectives” series, but it can be read as a standalone.

**Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure in hopes of an unbiased opinion, a review was not a requirement.**

This is Book 5 in A.M. Arthur’s Perspectives series. This book could be read as a standalone but there are characters from previous stories, and I think you’d get more enjoyment if you read this book in the appropriate order.

We met both Rick and Vinson in a previous book in the series, though they didn’t meet each other until this one. Rick loves his work as a porn star but it doesn’t make dating easy. Plus, he has a lot of baggage that combined with porn work will scare off most men. When he’s called regarding a medical issue with his uncle, he isn’t happy to be reminded about him, nor is he happy to have to interact with him again. Though Rick would like to walk away, he can’t. He arranges homecare for his uncle. When he meets one of his uncle's nurses, he’s attracted to him. Though Vinson is visually attracted to Rick, he has no interest in relationships or being open to dating. Vinson loves his life as a home health nurse and providing care to those in need.

Rick and Vinson do not become friends easily, but once they get there, a relationship quickly builds between them. Vinson, though, is not someone to trust easily, and even if he says he’s open-minded, he’s really judgemental. Rick has a lot of baggage that he has to share with Vinson, and for many items, Vinson handles it well. But, while Rick is putting everything on the line, Vinson is keeping a big secret himself. This book is not an easy, fluffy read. It’s full of some heavy topics.

I thought Rick and Vinson were really a well-matched pair. From the previous book I did not have a good opinion on Rick, but once I got to know him, I understood his behavior more. They both had their own issues to work through, but I think it probably just makes their relationship stronger by the end. Though this book had less angst than the previous ones in the series, there’s still a lot of angst. This book shows Rick working through a lot of issues from his past, and it’s certainly not easy on him. I felt this story was really about Rick, from start to end and the growth of him.

Rating: 4 stars!

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