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Blog Tour: Bed of Flowers by Erin Satie (Review, Excerpt + Giveaway)

Blog Tour: Bed of Flowers by Erin Satie (Review, Excerpt + Giveaway)

Bed of Flowers by Erin Satie

Publisher: Little Phrase
Release Date: June 19
Length: 80,000 words
Subgenre: Historical Romance


Bonny Reed is beautiful, inside and out.

A loyal friend and loving daughter, she’s newly engaged to her small town’s most eligible bachelor. She’s happy for herself—but mostly for her family, who need the security her marriage will bring.

An old enemy shatters her illusions.

First Baron Loel cost Bonny’s family her fortune. Now he’s insisting that her fiancé has hidden flaws, secrets so dark that—if she believed him—she’d have to call off the wedding.

How will she choose?

When the truth comes out, Bonny will have to choose between doing what’s right and what’s easy. Between her family and her best friend. And hardest of all—between her honor and the love of a man who everyone wants her to hate.


This is from the scene where the ‘I love yous’ are exchanged:

He laughed, picked her up by the waist and whirled her away from the window, feet dangling in the air and skirts fluttering. The impromptu dance ended by the bed.
She cupped her hands around his jaw, blinking as moisture welled in her eyes. She felt alive like she never had before, as though the infinity of time were balanced on a pin that pressed its sharp tip right into the present moment.
His lips touched hers. She shivered, arching instinctively and deepening the kiss. He teased and sucked at her bottom lip, gentle and controlled. Bonny mimicked the gesture, rising up on tiptoes, exploring textures both familiar and strange: the way the velvety softness of his lips gave way to the slippery slickness of his mouth, the scratch of his stubble against her own smooth upper lip and jaw.
He made her feel weightless, cared for and cherished. Like one of his orchids—fed by the stoves and the sun until heat prickled along her skin and sank to her core and compelled her to reach and twine and bloom.

4 Stars!

Bed of Flowers is book 1 in the Sweetness & Light series, but make no mistake, this book isn't all sweetness and light, as a matter of fact, it shows us the not-so-pretty side of the people Lord Joel and Bonny deal with.

I liked Lord Joel very much. He was nice and tried to do his best to make amends for the accident that made Bonny's family lose most of their money. It took me a good while to warm up to Bonny, though. I found her vapid and if I had to read one more time how exceptionally beautiful she was, I was going to scream. I'll give her that she was hard-working and compassionate, and at least for the last 30% or so, I didn't want to strangle her with her own bonnet. I'll have to give her credit that she stood behind her husband and her best friend when they needed her, even if a big part of why they were in trouble, was because of Bonny.

Lord Joel and Bonny's relationship had its foundation in a healthy dose of lust, mostly on Bonny's part, and it's undeniable that they nearly set my kindle on fire with the passionate scenes between them.

The secondary characters were interesting and I wouldn't mind reading Cordelia's story.

The story was entertaining and I have to give props to the author for not pulling any punches. She showed us a darker side of the small-town mentality and didn't make everything automatically alright for the main characters. Recommendable!

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn't a requirement. ***

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About Erin Satie:

Erin Satie is the author of the dark and elegant No Better Angels series of historical romances set in the early Victorian period. She’s currently hard at work on her new series, Sweetness and Light.

Erin is a California native who’s lived on the coasts and in the heartland, in tiny city apartments and on a working farm. She studied art history in both college and graduate school—research is always her favorite part of starting a new book.

Her favorite part of finishing a book, whether reading or writing, is the happily ever after.

Connect with Erin: Author Site | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Newsletter

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