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Release Blitz ~ To Love & Protect His Omega (Review + Excerpt)

RELEASE BLITZ ~ To Love & Protect His Omega by Quinn Michaels (Reviews + Excerpt)

Book Title: To Love & Protect His Omega

Author: Quinn Michaels

Publisher: Enticed by Books Press

Cover Artist: Pebbles Davis

Genre/s: Mpreg Romance, Mpreg Mystery, omegaverse

Length: 65 000 words: 

This is the first of a new series but each book will stand alone. 

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Gunnar swore to serve and protect, but he couldn't save the omega he loved. Will a sick kitten give him a second chance at love?

Police Detective and single dad, Gunnar Justice swore an oath to serve and protect, but he couldn't save the omega closest to him. Now he's raising his 8-year-old daughter alone. But when his daughter adopts a sick kitten, will a hot veterinarian with his own secrets offer a second chance at love?

Pursued by a relentless stalker, omega veterinarian, Liam Chandler, packs up his entire life and moves across the country to start over. He has lost faith in romance and instead devotes his time to saving his animal patients. But when a handsome alpha detective and his daughter come into Liam's exam room with a kitten who needs a miracle, will Liam give romance a second chance?

Can these two men overcome their pasts to make a family together? Even as a final threat from Liam's past threatens not only their relationship but their lives.

To Love and Protect His Omega is a single dad Omegaverse romance with mystery, action and all of the feels.

If you love Omegaverse m/m romance that keeps you turning pages into the wee hours of the morning, start reading To Love and Protect now!


Gunnar pulled the car into an empty parking space two cars back from the bus stop and unlocked the doors. "Get out on the curb and cross with me," he said.

Normally, Olivia would've grumbled about being told the rules again, but this time she just nodded, her lips tight and her face pale. "He sneezed," she said.

Gunnar nodded. If he was sneezing, at least that meant he was alive.

Gunnar took the carrier with one hand and Olivia's hand with his other as they crossed the street. It was 8:05, and a young guy, with blond hair and glasses bent down on the ground between the inside door and a partially opened gate as he picked up a white metal box with a red medical symbol on the side.

"Excuse me, sir, are you the vet?” Olivia asked, slipping inside the gap where the gate was partially opened. Gunnar grabbed OlivIa’s shoulder to keep her from bowling the guy over as the man looked up. His nose twitched, and his eyes widened as his gaze rested on Gunnar.

Gunnar smelled it too, the subtle sweetness of an omega mingling with his own alpha musk. Adam had been cinnamon chocolate. This man was more cream and mint, with a hint of... caramel? It was attractive, and Gunnar ruthlessly crushed the sudden desire to get closer and identify that third, underlying scent.

Gunnar didn’t want to be attracted to another omega. Adam had only been dead for a year. This slight stirring of interest – and it was barely interest - felt like a betrayal.

Olivia said, “Puff is very sick."

"Puff?" The doctor stood. Getting a better look at his face, Gunnar estimated his age upward. Late twenties, not mid, closer to Gunnar’s own age. Worse, the man was handsome, in a boyish way, his blue eyes bright and magnified a bit too large behind the lenses of his glasses as he ran a hand through his wavy blond hair. He wore a stethoscope around his neck, and thankfully his tone was warm and businesslike as he said, "I'm Dr. Chandler," looking only at Olivia.

"We adopted Puff from the shelter on Sunday," Gunnar explained, holding out the carrier over his daughter’s head so that the doctor could see.

Dr. Chandler looked into the carrier, and his lips tightened as the smile faded from his face. He held out his hand. "Come with me." He opened the inside door. "Carolyn, my tech, is running late, but if you two don't mind letting me take him into the back, Pam will get your paperwork started while I take a look at Puff."

“Whatever you have to do for him, do it,” Gunnar said.

**Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure in hopes of an unbiased opinion, a review was not a requirement.**

To Love and Protect His Omega is the first book in Quinn Michaels' Justice Brothers series. This is an Omegaverse series with Alphas and Omegas. In this first book, police detective Gunnar is a single father after losing his Omega. He’s raising his 8-year old daughter and struggling to get over the loss of his husband. He’s also moved to a new police station because of a case and issues with his partner at the previous station. Gunnar’s life is spinning out of control and is further pushed by his daughter’s new kitten getting sick. Gunnar and Olivia rush the kitten to the nearest vet. Liam is new to the veterinarian practice but he loves his job and the people he works with. He sees a variety of animals and is able to build relationships with his patient’s owners. Liam has no interest in dating after coming out of a bad relationship but biology isn’t going to allow him to ignore Gunnar.

Liam was a very likable character, even as he came across as secretive. He was loved by his co-workers, by his patients, their owners, and everyone who came in contact with him. He was great with Olivia. I had a little more issue liking Gunnar. I'm not even sure what it was about him, but I struggled with him. Olivia was a cute, easily likable 8-year-old. Sometimes, she seemed a lot older and sometimes a lot younger. She was a big part of the story, as she should have been, but at times I felt she was missing during important moments.

For me, the relationship between Liam and Gunnar didn’t have a lot of development. It seemed to happen quickly and though it did feel like there was some chemistry between the two men, it really didn’t develop, in my opinion, because of the rush to have a relationship. This story focused a lot on Gunnar’s job as a police detective and eventually, Liam’s stalker. Gunnar is working a case of murdered omegas. There’s a mystery tied into it but I knew early into the story who was going to be the killer.

This has great potential to be a sweet romance with two men meeting because of a little girl and her kitten. I think for me that was lost in the first phone call between Liam and Gunnar where it turned into more than just a phone call. That just felt so out of place and the wrong timing completely. I would have loved to have more development between the two men, including spending time with Olivia before that happened. The author did a good job with the police and mystery portion of the story and did a great job of introducing lots of cute animals to the situation.

If you enjoy reading MPreg, then you should definitely give this one a try. If it matters to you (and it seems some people do care), there is no childbirth included in this story. I know many readers are looking for MPreg’s that shows the pregnancy through delivery, others prefer not to see it. Just know that male pregnancy happens in MPreg books.

Rating: 4 stars

3.5 stars

This was an overall sweet book. I liked the storyline of how Liam and Gunnar met and Olivia was a nice and sweet addition to the book.

After meeting the MC's and learning about them, I felt that their dialogue with each other did not really match up. Some of the things were a bit contradictory. This was a romance so it is obvious that the MC's are going to get together, but it seemed like both of them moved quicker than I expected based on their pasts.

I really enjoyed towards the end of the book when it was a little suspenseful and kept me guessing. It incorporated things we had learned previously in the book and I liked that little change of pace from super sweet to suspenseful.

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn't a requirement. ***

About the Author 

From Quinn: I love fantasy, werewolves and M/M omegaverse romance! My goal is to write action-packed adventures of romance, self-discovery and second chances, all served up with a hefty helping of sweet, sexy Omegas and hot, determined Alphas who will do anything to cherish, love, and protect them. It’s so exciting to be able to share my characters and worlds with you, and I hope you enjoy them (and the sexytimes!)

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