Thursday, August 9, 2018

Release Day Review: 11 Seconds by John Charles

11 Seconds: An Asher Radman Mystery
Title: 11 SecondsSeries: Asher Radman By The Numbers – Book 1
Author: John Charles
Genre: Fiction, M/M, Suspense, Mystery
ISBN: 978-1-882598-15-1
Number of pages: 139
Publication Date: August 9, 2018

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In a world dominated by greed and political loyalties, the line between right and wrong is often completely blurred.
He wanted more than revenge.  His was a vendetta, a vendetta that he was capable of carrying out.  Tenodod was a cyber hacker who knew how to use the skills he developed while working for one of the most powerful systems developers in the world.  Only now, he was using those talents to bring down Bertram Lynnworth, Chairman and CEO of ESTG, and would continue until his vendetta was fulfilled, no matter who got hurt in the process.
Mystery, romance, and intrigue in a suspense filled thriller that will leave you asking how to protect yourself and your family.
We Own You appeared on every monitor in every ESTG facility around the world.  There Is No Escape voiced the laughing clown as Tenodod took over every system within the company.
Hackers can steal your identity, control your car, access your secret files.  What if one had a grip on your beating heart?  What if it only took 11 seconds?
Tenodod would make Bertram crawl for what he did to all those innocent people.  Unfortunately, Marc Lynnworth, Bertram’s unsuspecting son, his boyfriend, and hundreds of others, would become pawns in Tenodod’s evil plot.  “I never wanted anyone to die; I only wanted your father to see the error of his ways.”
A suspenseful, mind-piercing look into the very real secrets of cyber terrorism.
With a plot so real, you’ll keep looking over your shoulder.  11 Seconds will draw you in and make you wonder not if – but when will it happen to you?

3 Stars!

So I’m not quite sure how to rate 11 Seconds because I’m not quite sure how I feel about it. It was an incredibly intriguing premise and that blurb had me bouncing with excitement to sink my teeth into it. I love thrillers and I thought the whole idea of Cyberterrorism would be exciting. The author definitely has a wicked imagination to come up with this story and develop the character of Tenodod. I’m not sure if it was just me though, but I just couldn’t get lost in the story the way I’d hoped.

What I Loved: Again, the premise. I found the idea extremely exciting. Tenodod is a Cyber Terrorist determined to bring down Bertram Lynnworth and his company for how their greed, negligence and apathy destroyed lives. Bertram initially suspects and accuses his son Marc but it is clear Marc didn’t do it. Marc, however, is smart and resourceful, good at what he does so he decides to find the person responsible.

What I Liked: I liked the twists and turns that come with a story like this. I really liked the idea of how something like this happening would impact us today with our dependence on technology.

What I Didn’t Like: Unfortunately, I did not feel like I connected to the characters. Marc was likable and I wanted to love him but I had difficulty doing so. I felt as if the dialogue was a bit stilted and more “telly” than “showy”. I wanted to feel the same emotions he felt when I was reading but I just didn’t.

As for the rest of the characters, it was a similar feeling. I felt very disconnected from them. Kylar, Marc’s boyfriend, was probably the worst because I didn’t care for him at all.

Overall, this is one I would say you have to decide for yourself about. There is a real possibility that my mood had a lot to do with my feelings while I read 11 Seconds.

***Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie by the author/publisher for my reading pleasure in hopes of an unbiased opinion, a review was not a requirement.***

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