Friday, September 14, 2018

Release Day Review: When Love Surprises (When the Mission Ends series #6) by Christi Snow

Title: When Love Surprises
Series: Book #6 in the When the Mission Ends series (but this book is an m/m romance and does work as a standalone read)
Genre: male/male military romance, romantic suspense
Book length: ~68,567 words
Release date: Sept 14, 2018
Cover reveal date: today

Story Description:
Raised in a religious household, being gay was never an option for Steven, but when an injury left him incapacitated, he was forced to face those urges that he’s been able to ignore for the last thirty-eight years of his life...
Three months ago, Major Steven Hardesty’s life sat on the precipice of perfection. Now he’s trying to come back from a life-threatening injury and a devastating romantic loss all while trying to figure out what he’s going to do after separating from the Air Force.
Billy Starr never planned on running his family ranch by himself. He was supposed to be doing it with his sister, Whitney. But when she died in a freak accident, it sent his life in a tailspin of despair and alcohol.
Steven and Billy were friends. Billy offered the ranch as a good, private place where Steven could recover, but as their friendship deepened, so did other feelings. Is it possible that a love affair between the two of them could heal them both? Or break them even more?

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4.5 Stars

When Love Surprises is book six in the series, and it begins where book five ends. I didn’t read book five because it’s M/F, so it took me a bit to figure out who everyone was and what was happening. If I have one criticism/suggestion, it’d be that perhaps the author could have added the shooting scene that took place, and caused Steven’s injuries in book five, to the beginning of this story, because I was a bit lost when I first started reading. While I finally caught up, if you like MF, this probably works much better as a continuation to book 5.

After I caught on to what was happening, I quickly became engrossed in the story. Billy is such a lovable guy and my heart broke for him and the pain he’d suffered in his past relationship, something he’d never fully healed from.

Steven, well, I liked Steven, and after getting to know his father, who I hated and wanted to murder, and seeing him in action, I can completely understand why he felt he had to hide in the closet and not let himself give into the temptation of being with a man.

Together, Billy and Steven were amazing. They had chemistry and passion and they fit together well. I loved that they were there for one another when the other needed them the most.

Ms. Snow does a wonderful job at working mystery and suspense into her romances. It’s always well balanced. The mystery portion of this story was well done and kept me guessing.

The story is well-written and it flowed well. Billy and Steven’s relationship felt like it moved too quickly, but I had to keep reminding myself that they had known each other for a while. All in all, this was an angsty story, filled with mystery and suspense as well as romance and some passionate and steamy sex. Very recommendable!

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