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Release Blitz: From The Ashes by CM Valencourt (Reviews + Giveaway)

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Length: 65,000 words approx.

Cover Design: James @ Go On Write


Hunter and Derek are at a fork in the road...

At their friend Justin's funeral, once-best-friends Derek and Hunter meet again almost four years after their monumental falling out. Hunter kissed Derek, and Derek freaked out and chose a college on the other side of the country.

If they had a choice, both of them would walk away and never see the other again. Except Justin has given them a mission: an epic road trip to scatter his ashes all over the Midwest, complete with cryptic notes, new friends, and a whole lot of sexual tension. Can Derek and Hunter finish Justin's road trip without ripping each other's heads—or clothes—off?

5 Stars 

Justin, Hunter, and Derek were longtime friends who were the perfect trio, until Hunter makes his romantic feelings for Derek known. This causes Derek to run away and the relationship between the three boys is severed.

They each go their separate ways off to different colleges, but now Derek and Hunter have been summoned back to their hometown after Justin’s passing.

Justin has left instructions requesting that his two ex-best friends, along with his girlfriend, Paige and his new friend he met during chemo, Jaimie, take a road trip to spread his ashes. Will Derek and Hunter be able to put aside their animosity for one another to help carry out Justin’s last wishes?

This was a definite emotional rollercoaster and the romance while there, takes a back seat to Justin’s wishes being carried out. My heart broke for the loss of Justin. Even in death he was a well-developed and lovable character, who felt present throughout the story, and I just wanted him to pop up at the end of the story and yell “syke, I’m not really dead!”, but sadly that didn’t happen. My heart broke for the loss suffered by Hunter, Derek, Paige and Jaimie.

The romance wasn’t easy, but it was believable and I was happy with how it all played out. Hunter and Derek had great chemistry and they fit well together. The story was well-written and filled with so much emotion: Guilt, regret, sadness, but also, happiness, healing, laughter and love. A definite must read!

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5 Stars

I have to admit I was a little nervous going into this book, not really expecting to love it but holy Fudge Balls I haven’t cried that much with a book in YEARS and I don’t say that lightly because it takes a lot to make me cry with books.

I loved Derek’s drive to be a horror film director, even when he thinks he’s ruined the best friendships he had. When he comes back for Justin’s funeral, I was sad for him but getting farther in, I felt so much for the four of them as a whole.

Hunter is stronger then he gave himself credit for basically losing one of his best friends and years later letting the other fall to the side.

I have to say this is definitely a great first book for a new to me author and the fact that it touched me so much I couldn’t stop crying through nearly 50% of the book, makes it worth picking up again in the future.

*** Copy provided to Bayou Book Junkie for my reading pleasure, a review wasn't a requirement. ***

Author Bio

C.M. Valencourt is a new m/m romance author. They started devouring queer fiction when they still had to smuggle it into their parents’ Catholic household, and dreamed of writing books about queer people finding love ever since. They like figure skating, ghost hunting shows, and Carly Rae Jepsen. You can find out more about their books and learn about upcoming releases at



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