Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Big Bad Mooney (Book 5 Apishipa Creek Chronicles) by Rain Carrington ~ (Blog Tour)

Big Bad Mooney (Book 5 Apishipa Creek Chronicles) by Rain Carrington ~ (Blog Tour)
Lin Mooney, a man that has always been in control of his own life, suddenly finds himself at the mercy of not one man but two. Joey Pino comes back to Manacle, beaten and in need, and Lin wants to be the person he turns to. That is except for the fact Lin’s already hopelessly in love with another man, The British beauty, Andy White. These much younger and smaller men have him by the heartstrings and he can no longer deny his feelings, despite his imperfect health and age. He wants them both more than he’s ever wanted anything. Brandon is out to prove a point and Sidney goes along, blindly following his Master until he can’t do it anymore. Can bringing another man into their bedroom make them stronger as a couple or tear them apart? Five men contemplate the question…How many in a life or a bedroom is too much? Love is tested again in this, the fifth book of the Apishipa Creek Chronicles, and the end will leave you breathless and ready to scream. One of the men of Apishipa Creek is on his way to the most important day of his life when tragedy strikes.
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Author Bio
Hi I'm Rain and I write contemporary M/M romance some with a BDSM slant. My book Honky Tonk, is the first I am publishing but not the first I've written. I have a whole library full that are about to be rewritten and revamped a bit and published as well. Please enjoy my books and let me know what you think!

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