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5 Star Review: Prized Possession (Volume Four: Upending Tad Series) by Kora Knight

Book 4: Prized Possession


With Tad's reservations firmly on the one-eighty, he's finally more at ease exploring this intriguing new part of himself, especially where his attraction, and affections, for Scott are concerned. But when their evening plans get cancelled, Tad winds up watching the guy in action at the gym instead. Kickboxing lessons lead to sparring, which in turn leads to a face-off more erotic than Tad could have ever imagined. With huge new boundaries crossed, both men are floored like never before. Have these milestones finally put all Tad's hang-ups behind him?


Tad swiped up his phone and eyed its screen. A big fat smile spread across his face. “Scott. Hey.”

A warm chuckle greeted his ear. “Tad.”

His grip on the steering wheel instantly eased. “Long time no speak.”

“That it has. Miss me?”

Grin widening, Tad shook his head, scanning the cars ahead. “Nope. Not at all.”

“Ouch,” Scott laughed. “I’m bleeding over here.”

Tad smirked. “Thin skinned, are we?”

“No. But behind this tough exterior is a soft and sensitive man.”

Tad laughed. “I’ll try to keep that in mind.”

In truth, he was already well aware. Had gotten a sweet taste of that sensitive side up against an observation window. God, the things Scott had said to him as he’d fucked him into oblivion. The dude definitely knew how to wield his words, whether soul-searing and sweet or unabashedly kinky. Watch out if he decided to make them both.

Tad adjusted his stirring crotch. “So, what’s up?”

A few seconds ticked by. “It’s Tuesday.”

Tad’s right hand dropped to settle on his thigh. “Um… It is indeed.”

Another couple beats of silence. “I wanna see you.”

Tad’s heart shifted gears, picking up speed. “Do you now.”

“Yeah. I do. And every Tuesday after.”

Tad’s brows shot up, then pinched back down. Shit. Tuesday was the one night a week he consistently connected with his friends. An occasional blow off was one thing, but to flat-out ditch tradition was very much another. His left hand tightened its grip on the wheel. “Uh... Seriously?”

“Yeah,” Scott chuckled. “Seriously. Why, not liking the idea?”

“No, no,” Tad blurted, actually liking it a lot. “It’s not that. I just—”

“Where are you?”

Tad blinked. “Um… On my way home? Why? Where are you?”

“At your apartment.”

Mari's Review: 

*** Copy provided by the Author to Bayou Book Junkie in exchange for a fair and honest review. ***

First of all, I have to say that while I adored the first 3 volumes in this series, this book is my favorite so far!

While the sex is damn hot, like really, seriously off the charts hot, it’s the growing intimacy and the friendship and the way Scott and Tad are with each other that just draws me in. I’m loving the pacing, Tad’s slow realization that this might be more than what he thought, seeing that some of his friends might be more perceptive than he gave them credit for.

I really love to see that Tad’s doubts over his sexuality haven’t put a damper on whatever is going through with him and Scott, too. Yes, he’s confused, but he keeps forging forward, at least now that he’s given in.

I’m really intrigued over Max, despite Scott’s explanation I feel there’s more to that and want to know what it is.

Scott is so sweet to Tad, so patient, that I just can’t help loving him. Same with Tad, I adore him and all this journey of self-discovery he’s embarked on. They are both awesome characters that I am rooting for so hard! I’m really interested over how it will all play out now that we’ve seen that Tad can so hold his own against Scott, too!

I can’t wait to find out what Kora Knight has in store for us next in Volume Five, but one thing I know, I’ll most likely love it as much as I’ve loved the previous stories. 

Rating: 5 Sizzling Hot Stars!!!

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