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Book Tour: M/M ~ Claimed by the Order (S-Gods #1) by J. Johanis ~ (Author Guest Post + Giveaway)

Book Tour: M/M ~ Claimed by the Order (S-Gods #1)  by J. Johanis ~ (Author Guest Post + Giveaway)

Claimed by the Order (S-Gods #1)  by J. Johanis

PUBLISHER:  Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
RELEASE DATE:  June 10, 2015
GENRE:  M/M Dark Fantasy/Erotica
TAGS:  Non/Dub Con / Dark / Slave / Graphic Violence
PAIRING: Male/Male
LENGTH:  222 Pages
Young and eager to join the social playground of the gods, Marduk enters his first day of college at the exotic mountain retreat at the Temple of Power. But he swiftly falls into the clutches of a secret order. Confronted by the powerful gods who wish to claim him, Marduk is defenseless. His only way out: to lure another virgin god into the Order.

Marduk finds refuge in the young god Anu-Akad. Delivering Akad to the order would earn Marduk his freedom, but Marduk struggles to keep his love affair hidden from the Order. Will his efforts be in vain? He failed to save himself. Is he strong enough to save his lover?

Advisory: Contains portrayals of m/m sex, violence, non-con, & abuse. Intended for mature readers

Author Guest Post:

How I developed Claimed by the Order:
Claimed by the Order was initially conceived as a lead up to a political fallout among the gods. Since my first novel, Siren’s Reckoning, has a lot of backstory and history, I started thinking of ideas for a prequel. Siren’s Reckoning happens a thousand years after the political fallout resulting from the great flood in the Epic of Gilgamesh. My idea was to show events leading up to the flood through a series of love stories, starting with the love affair between Akad and Marduk.
Flashbacks in Siren’s Reckoning already give a glimpse of how Akad and Marduk came together, so I took those flashbacks and developed the story around them. The two books actually overlap, but Siren’s Reckoning is chronologically book four in the series.
My idea behind the Order came from a gay friend of mine.  My friend credits me with giving him the courage to come out little by little. However, when he’s not contemplating coming out, he’s talking my ear off about men and all the kinky things he wants them to do to him. One of his re-occurring fantasies involves different scenarios, some non-consensual, where his master publically humiliates him and feeds him to one man after another. So, his fantasies gave me the idea for the hunt scene where the Order chases Marduk down in the forest. Since this scene seemed a lot like hazing, I imagined it to be an initiation for a secret order that preyed on virgin gods. This also made me think of fraternities, so I imagined the perfect front for the Order would be a college for young gods.  
The second book, Dream God, will revolve around the Order’s struggle to thwart legitimate divine authorities, and the third book will be the great flood as well as the political fallout. Of course, as I mentioned before, I like to portray the political aspects of the plot as a backdrop to prevailing romantic intrigues.

J. Johanis writes dark M/M fantasy and enjoys writing plots that are historical or myth-based.
You can find Johanis here:

Twitter: @JennaJohanis

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